Feb 9, 2007

The Dreadlock Recollections

Kerry W. Thornley was convinced that he had been involved in a CIA plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy in 1963 and had been handled by the recently deceased (good riddance) E. Howard Hunt, infamous CIA spook and Watergate burglar. Sometimes referred to as 'the other Oswald,' Kerry grew more paranoid with his advancing years spouting his DREADLOCK RECOLLECTIONS on park benches and sharing his written notes with his friend Sondra London. She persuaded Kerry to finish the book and serialised some of the material on the Internet. Sadly those pages have long since disappeared and, it seemed, Kerry's last writings with them.

January '07: The never before published autobiography of Kerry Wendell Thornley is finally available to all as issue 17 of Trevor Blake's OVO http://www.ovo127.com 'zine, the 240 page book is a chilling confession to murderous mind control and knowing satire of what paranoid people sound like. It is available in .odt (OpenOffice) .pdf (Adobe) and to buy in print at lulu.com.

However, it can also be downloaded here

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  1. Anonymous2:59 AM

    Thanks for reviewing OVO 17 / The Dreadlock Recollections! The entire book is entered into the public domain. I actively encourage people to reproduce and distribute it at will.

    - Trevor Blake