Mar 3, 2006

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

This is quite possibly the single most dangerous Bill to be put to Parliament since the Seven Seditious Acts back in the early nineteenth century. Essentially, under this Bill masses of power will be transferred from Parliament and to Ministers. This is as every bit as bad as the Enabling Act that put Hitler in power, in my opinion. It gives ministers complete powers to ignore laws and rewrite them to their own liking, with the only safeguard being their good will. Thats right, they can change laws without Parliamentary oversight, if this gets through.

Contact your MPs. Contact your local newspapers. Contact foreign embassies and check on their rules for becoming a citizen. Spread this to any and every group with a grudge against the government and anti-authoritarian leanings. Kick up a fuss. DO SOMETHING.

Links to explain the law:,,21129-2040625,00.html,,59-2042165,00.html

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