Dec 16, 2006

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Dec 14, 2006

Lest we forget

Dec 12, 2006

Pinochet is dead

And its about 35 years overdue, too. Its been a bad couple of weeks for people with blood on their hands - Saddam to be executed, Rumsfeld condemned to irrelevance and now Pinochet has finally been buried.

Whats really surprising however, is the reaction of certain segments of the Chilean people. 60,000 people came out to pay their respects to this dictator's corpse at it lay in Santiago's Military Academy. To pay their respects to a man who had anyone to the left of Margaret Thatcher (his biggest fan, do not forget) either dismissed from the entire political process in what was a previously democratic state or worse - tortured, executed or "disappeared".

The stories tell of how they used to fly out helicopters over the ocean and just through the prisoners out, leaving them stranded at sea to either die through exposure, tiredness or whatever natural predator decided to try and pick them off. Other helicopters flew up and down the coast depositing death squads in towns in blatant acts of state terrorism - the infamous "Caravans of Death".

But he "saved" the country from Communism. A democratically elected Communist leader, however. The haste at which Allende undertook economic restructuring of the state suggests that he intended to abide by the laws of Chile and to vacate the office of President after his 6 year term had finished. His more dictatorial moves were defeated by the Christian Democrats in Congress, hardly something a new Stalin in the making would ever allow. Even if he had been making moves towards a Communist dictatorship, the only way to save the country would have been to restore power to the people via an elected leadership within a Constitutional framework - not by installing another group of dictators who were even more bloody and vicious.

But such is the nature of primate politics. Pinochet was the darling of certain groups simply because he belonged to them and not the other side. Oh, and there was the economy. But is an economy ever so important that it justifies the support of a bloody tyrant? No, never. Yes, his policies did improve the condition of life for some Chileans. But then he rounded up others and had them systematically tortured and executed. Kind of outweighs whatever plus points he may get for his economic skill.

So, another tyrant is dead and for that we should all be glad. However, the mentality that supports tyrants is obviously still alive and well, within Chile, within Iraq and within even the UK and America, where Pinochet was much loved by the political elites of Thatcher and Reagen. Kind of like Saddam, but I digress. So long as the mob mentality that calls for such leaders exists, they will continue to blight our existence. Tyrants are not born, they are made by the cries of the crowds looking for security against Them, whatever enemy, real or imagined, that they fear. And until people stop being afraid and stop looking to Authority for their safety, such leaders will continue well into the future.

Dec 9, 2006

Blogging during the Industrial Revolution

The single best Bible verse EVER!

End of debate, no argument, this is what makes reading the Bible worthwhile:

"Then he went up from there to Bethel; and as he was going up the road, some youths came from the city and mocked him, and said to him, “Go up, you baldhead! Go up, you baldhead!” So he turned around and looked at them, and pronounced a curse on them in the name of the LORD. And two female bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the youths."

2 Kings 2:23-24

Thanks to for reminding me of this verse. And people say Discordianism is weird.....

Dec 5, 2006

Don't panic ma'am, they were only white terrorists....

Another story illustrating the essentially racist nature of the War on Some Sorts of Terror and Your Personal Freedoms.

Here are some select passages from the article.

Public perception of terrorism is often shaped by selective media coverage, which concentrates exclusively on a particular version of 'terrorism', while ignoring incidents that fall outside this framework.

A revealing example of this process occurred last week when two men appeared separately in Burnley Magistrates' Court, charged under the 1883 Explosive Substances Act with possession of an explosive substance for an illegal purpose.

One of the accused was a BNP council candidate in last May's local elections in Colne, named Robert Cottage. In a raid on his house, police found what they called "the largest amount of chemical explosives of this type ever found in this country".

The other was a retired dentist named David Jackson, who was allegedly found in possession of a rocket launcher and a nuclear biological protection suit.

OK, I'll let that thought sink in. A member of a UK politically extreme party and a dentist had more WMDs then we have found in Iraq.

But what is striking about their court appearance (they were remanded until October 23) is the failure of any mainstream newspaper or media outlet to report it at all.
Thats because it doesn't fit in with where the funding on terrorism is going - towards looking at swarthy folk from overseas who threaten us (despite Al-Qaeda actually recruiting from converts, including Indians, Latinos and Jamaicans) and doesn't fit into the narrative the mainstream media have built up over modern terrorism.

But consider this: who was the biggest terrorist threat in America in the 90s? If you said the Christian Identity Militia movement, then you get a cookie. This movement has even bankrolled far right and violent organizations in this country and carried out the Oklahoma bombings in 96 and a string of lesser bombings, robbery and murder since its explosion onto the world scene in the 1980s, the same time as Shi'a terrorism was making its presence known throughout Lebanon and most of the Crescent and the nutter "Rabbi" Kahane was printing books and founding groups dedicated to essentially genociding Arabs.

Do you see a pattern here? Because I do, and so does noted terrorism scholar Bruce Hoffman. In his book, Inside Terrorism, he gives a precise account of how terrorism since the 1980s has increased in incidence among all three faiths and probably religion at large. What I found particularly interesting was the great lengths the supposedly fractured Christian Identity movement had made in biological and chemical weapons in order to bring about Armageddon. I'll repeat that: biological and chemical weapons in order to bring about Armageddon.

And the losses of the late 90s for the movement (where Clinton did crack down hard on them, despite what Fox News may tell you), research, development and deployment of such weapons is continuing. Here are some choice attacks that nearly happened for you to read over:

In 2003, two antigovernment extremists were convicted of amassing a “huge arsenal of illegal weapons and explosives in Tyler, Texas, including suitcase bombs and a working chemical weapon.” They apparently possessed sufficient quantities of sodium cyanide to kill some six thousand people and had stockpiled half a million rounds of ammunition and sixty pipe bombs.

In March, two members of the Minnesota Patriots Council, a militia group, were convicted of stockpiling enough ricin to kill at least 129 people, allegedly as part of a plan to murder IRS agents, U.S. marshals, and local deputy sheriffs. According to the FBI, ricin is ranked as the third most toxic known substance, behind only plutonium and botulism.

Two months later, a man described as a certified microbiologist—who also had links to the Aryan Nations—was able to order a quantity of bubonic plague agent through the mail from a Maryland chemical supply firm. He had obtained three vials of Yersinia pestis—a bacterium credited with having wiped out one-third of the population of fourteenth-century Europe. In addition to the bacterium, police found in his home a dozen M-l carbines, smoke grenades, blasting caps—and white supremacist literature.

Taken from Pages 106-7 (Chapter 5) of Inside Terrorism by Bruce Hoffman.

Terrorism is not just an issue that affects radical nutcases in the Middle East. Anyone, anyone with a sufficiently radical, all-embracing and apocalyptic worldview can and will tend towards violence in order to bring about their fairy tale versions of the world. Al-Qaeda and Middle Eastern and Islamic terrorism is an issue, it would be foolish to deny it. But they are not the only terrorists and we failed to stop Al-Qaeda BEFORE 9/11 by ignoring them and the threat they present. While the media hypes the threat from "Muslims" (who are no more Muslim than me, unless getting drunk, going to strip joints and dealing drugs is permissible. In which case, I'm in), we have ignored the threat still present from a number of other groups, just as fanatical and insane as Al-Qaeda. In fact, apart from certain geopolitical considerations, I would say there is no difference between the Salafist movement Al-Qaeda represents and the Domionist movement nuts like The Order and the Aryan Nations work in favour of.

By virtue of the irresponsible reporting and scaremongering in offices of power, we could easily be setting ourselves up for a domestic 9/11 - or something far worse. Its time we grew the hell up and started to look at this as sensible adults. But of course, this is not in the interest of the status quo. Still, to anyone who reads the linked article, or even this blog entry, please pass it on to people you know. Knowledge is power and only by a more educated population can we ever hope to change policy.

Edit: Apparently, the BBC have replied as to why they did not give this the coverage it deserved. Here is the text of the email they sent someone who asked them about this, which I got via a forum.

[name deleted],

Thanks for your e-mail and sorry for the delay in replying. We had planned to cover this issue on last week's NewsWatch programme, but unfortunately had to drop the item at the last minute because we couldn't confirm information we needed to make sure our report didn't break the law.

The simple answer is that the national BBC should have covered this but missed the story - it was featured on BBC Radio Lancashire, where the offences occurred, but should have had wider coverage nationally. However, it's also interesting that of the national newspapers, only the Sunday Times carried any mention of the case at all.

I think this is partly down to the way the police locally handled the whole thing - and there have been discussions about the lack of information coming from them.

However, I should point out that much of the information you may have read on various websites goes far beyond what should be reported once people have been arrested and charged, and the BBC could not have given anywhere near that much detail of the case.

But I'm told there will definitely be someone covering next Monday's court hearing in Burnley.

I hope that's useful,

Ian Jolly

Note: this email was dated the 17th of October 2006. Make of that what you will.

Dec 3, 2006

According to Mel Gibson, who is responsible for all the wars?

a) Booze
b) Shoes
c) Blue's Clues
d) Muckadoos
e) New Zoo Revues
f) Kalamazoos
g) Tom Cruise
h) Bird flus
i) Chimney flues
j) Primordial ooze
k) Tea for twos
l) CBS Evening News
m) Kangaroos
n) Heads I win, tails you lose
o) Muumuus
p) Stinkypoos
q) Clever ruse
r) Runaround Sues
s) Jews
u) Any of the above, depending on his blood alcohol level at the time

Answers on a back of a postcard to the PFLD headquarters.

For the Conspiracy Theorist in you....

Out There Radio broadcasts.

Basically two guys, Joe McFall and Raymond Wiley, doing an hour long talkshow on conspiracy theory, the occult and the paranormal. Also, its actually pretty damn good. These guys range the spectrum, from well known theories such as the MLK assassination, South American coups, MK-Ultra etc to some stuff I hadn't even heard of, such as the death of William Cooper, the creation of strange stone tablets in Georgia proclaiming the manifesto of the New World Order and much more.

They seem pretty openminded (apart from a far too understandable dislike of Reagan), not your average bunker dwelling Christian "patriots" or anything like that (which I also listen to. But only because they are funny). They've had authors, shamans, Satanists, Freemasons, Pagans and researchers on the show, so they take a pretty broad and lighthearted view of some of the ideas and things going on out there.

Highlights I would suggest listening to include:

An Adam Gorightly interview on Kerry Thornley

An Interview with Rev Ivan Stang of the CotSG

Austin Gandy on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

The 2006 post election analysis

My favourite mad scientist - Wilhelm Reich

But I strongly suggest checking out the entire archive of shows that they have.