Jul 30, 2008

A blogger after my own heart

I honestly wish I had got around to this earlier. Unfortunately, I have been beaten to the punch, and someone has written the truth behind Obama's cultlike following - he is the keeper of the Necrocomnicon.

Read more at The Necrobamacon.

ZOMG SAVE TEH WIMMINZ! Now with added New World Order nuttery!

I'm on a snark role today, so I've decided to roll on over to The Green Arrow who, despite saying he was shutting down, is still going on strong thanks to such fantastic guest posters as "Sarah Maid of Albion", "Albion" and "Elizabeth".

Today's mindless ranting topic of scholarly and serious discussion is that of how women are being terrorized by the New World Order, and Pakistani rapists. One wonder exactly how that arrangement works out. Do they organize this terrorization via timeshare, sub-contracting or is it more of an informal relationship? Enquiring minds want to know.
Today her sisters are being raped daily, at the same time her young under age sisters in the Pakistani dominated English cities are being groomed for prostitution. There is not a whisper of horror, not even a tortured cry of revulsion. Bodecia would weep openly.

Obviously, Pakistani domination = life of prostitution. Those damn Pakistanis, and their 1.3% of the population. DOMINATING OUR BRITISH CITIES, ALL 747,285 OF THEM (as of the 2001 Census).

Also, one presumes, a life of rape and prostitution under Good Decent White British Folk (and cities dominated by) is apparently not a cause for concern.

Imagine if you will your daughter being stalked in a shopping mall by these unwelcome and unwanted black third world sexual predators. The police are too terrified to arrest these pedophiles for fear of a starting a riot by these third world immigrants from Pakistan.

But remember, the BNP isn't racist! Hell, it can't even tell black people from Pakistanis (mainly because all those darkies are alike, amirite?). Now that's true colour blindness, you racist PC-Brigade do-gooders!

These girls are all victims of a subtle transformation, an ongoing process that is the New World Order; Mr. Brown referred to this New World Order using the more acceptable and less threatening word, ‘Globalization’ In fact he said the word 69 times in a speech he gave at Harvard’s Kennedy Centre.

Please check under your seat for a tinfoil hat. When the signal lights, please place the tinfoil upon your head. If you do not have a tinfoil hat, or require assistance, please contact a steward or stewardess.

The swamping of Europe by sometimes violent third world refugees is an integral part of the plan to expedite this Brave New World and nothing, not even the ‘Ugly Spectre of Nationalism’ in the guise of the BNP will disrupt a plan that has been meticulously planned over many years and is moving forward at an alarming and accelerating pace.


Now we may proceed, with caution. If at any time you see a Black Helicoptor, please alert the crew, and take cover.

Any opposition to this New World order will be dealt with robustly. The state militia has instituted a zero tolerance policy, as a group of people found out to their surprise when reading out the names of the dead British soldiers killed in the Iraqi conflict.

Of course, if the New World Order is so strong, how come its getting its arse kicked by orphans with no shoes in Iraq and Afghanistan? That zero tolerance policy must really suck, if its causing the NWO, with all its sekrit conspiratorial power (no doubt gifted to it by the Illuminati/Grey Aliens/Satanists/Reptilian shape-shifting monsters in the 4th dimension) to, you know, not get what it wants.

For the pliable and frightened state militia the indigenous person is the soft target, and easily manipulated and threatened by the racial relations act of 1976, this act was specifically enacted to close down free speech and threaten the populace if they objected to this New Architecture that is the New World order. It does NOT protect its people it subjugates them.

Unlike the BNP, who only have your best interests at heart.

Wait, sorry, what was that Nick Griffin?

“[BNP voters backed] what they perceived to be a strong, disciplined organisation with the ability to back up its slogan ‘Defend Rights for Whites’ with well-directed boots and fists. When the crunch comes, power is the product of force and will, not of rational debate.”

Um, that sounds a little...oppressive, I must say...

I see a frightening similarity between what we refer to as third world countries and our own, with the national broadcaster now infiltrated by rabid socialists, censoring news on governments orders and blatantly accepting funds from an illegal overseas government to broadcast ‘feel good’ EU messages.

Yes, I remember all those rabid socialists, promoting free trade and the war in Iraq.


Not to mention our blatantly pro-EU press. I mean, look at the two largest selling papers in the UK, The Sun and The Daily Mail. So pro-EU, its sickening. Paul Dacre and Rebekah Wade are French stooges, pretending to be British. Its the only reasonable explanation.

I see the state police being used as a government militia, and taking advantage of the draconian laws to crack down heavily and brutally on any political dissention, particularly against its own people. This is not the England I remember.
"The darkies now sue the police for cracking down heavily on them. Just not fair, in my book."

So where are the females, the mothers, the ones that are NOT being exploited and groomed for the sexual delights of the hip hop, cool young black Pakistani males who pimp underage English schoolgirls for aging Pakistani’s? Where are the mothers of these vulnerable young girls when the Pakistani males in their smart suits, bling and BMW’s, are offering gifts and utilizing the art of seduction on their young vulnerable daughters?

As a rule, when you want to use writing to exhort and cajole people into action, its best to not emulate a racist tard with a stupid moustache for your actual content. Just a tip, from one blog writer to another.

I see no march of protest on the television, I hear no raised voices. I am not aware of any petition to the police or government to curb this epidemic.

Like the lioness the mother is the cub’s protector and likewise in a civilized society a mother’s first priority is to fiercely protect her young.

There is nothing I could add which would make this seem more ridiculous than it already is. Really.

Oh God, unlike the men, I do hope the spirit of our women has not also been broken.

"Now, where did I put those cheetos..."

And thus goes on another day in the imaginary world of the persecuted BNP member.

Conspiracy of the Week, pt....wherever we got up to now

I know its been a long time since I done this feature (it came from back in the day, when I used to troll conspiracy forums with half a dozen textbooks on engineering on my desk) but its time to restart this thing.

According to Greg Hands, the true weak link in the War on Some Terror But Not Others is not a flawed foreign policy, the problems of dealing with sub-state actors while promoting an international based around the sovereignty of the state, blatant hypocrisy or the Free World being led by a man who is widely seem as thick as two short planks....but instead a Left Wing Conspiracy (is there any other sort?) at the Lonely Planet, putting terrible propaganda in their guide books!

I know, I know. You feel your trust has been betrayed. I know when I want to know about the recent political history of a country, I too pick up The Lonely Planet Guide to see what its talented geopolitical commentators say. Their editorial stance and books have been cited by leaders the world over as the way to Win This Thing. And all the time, they were secretly manipulating us. *sob*

the books are almost always written from a Leftist political stance. Wait a moment, readers might ask, how can a description of which bus route goes to Tutankhamun's tomb have any kind of political bias? Check out the "history" section of these books, however, and you will see what I mean. Liberal, "progressive" forces are invariably good, battling with the forces of conservatism, all around the world.

History and reality are supposed to have a well known liberal-left bias. So I've been told, anyway, by my secret masters within the Liberal Conspiracy. No, the other one, not that site run by Sunny Hundal.

As expected, this is particularly true of guides to the USA and to the UK. Margaret Thatcher and George Bush are vilified. Clem Attlee, Franklin D Roosevelt and JFK are idolised.

Of course, George W Bush and Magaret Thatcher are the poster-children for compassionate conservatism. The only possible reason someone could disagree with their claims to greatness is because they are a bitter liberal. All those unemployed people and dead bodies and stuff are mere coincidence and as any good empiricist knows, correlation does not equal causation. On the other hand, those people widely seen, across the political spectrum, as statesmen due to their fairly good leadership in times of crisis are liberal stooges.

The brand new Lonely Planet guide to the USA (5th ed, 2008) tells us that "Roosevelt did much to ameliorate the pain of the Great Depression", there is praise for Clinton whose attempts to create socialised healthcare were scuppered by the Republicans, who were then out to get him over Monica Lewinsky, etc. But the real monstering is reserved for George W Bush, who "attacked Afghanistan in an unsuccessful hunt for Al-Qaeda terrorists", he "undid environmental regulations" and "fostered a moral, religious and cultural crusade, espousing 'family values'". The chapter introducing California suggests that Arnold Schwarzenegger's only successes were as a result of him distancing himself from Bush, and on it goes.

Shorter Greg Hands: We're now in Bizarro World! Everything is reversed, and I am now right.

Some readers of this blog might even ask, it's so well-known, why even bother to write about it? Well, the new Lonely Planet Egypt guide (9th ed, 2008) simply cannot go without comment. The book is an apology for radical Islamism and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ah yes. This must be part of that neverending struggle in The Lonely Planet to potray Liberal organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, as good guys, and conservative forces as the bad guys. Right? Because the Muslim Brotherhood are all fluffy kittens and free abortions and gay love and stuff.

Any objective view of the Brotherhood is this - it is a jihadist group, whose credo is "Mastering the world with Islam" and "building the khalifa".

Uh-oh. Doesn't this kind of conflict with this statement "Check out the "history" section of these books, however, and you will see what I mean. Liberal, "progressive" forces are invariably good, battling with the forces of conservatism, all around the world"?

You know, Greg, if you want to make your point, its generally best to not quote a part of a book which completely fails to make your point at all, and in fact undermines it. You know, as a general rule. We do things differently here, in reality.

We are told (p. 44) that "despite their use of religion, Egypt's Islamist groups are part of a political response to harsh socio-economic conditions". They have suffered under "a repressive political system that allowed little chance to voice legitimate opposition" and have been "denied recognition by the state as a legal political entity".

"Context is part of the liberal conspiracy."

One can't help feeling that the writers at Lonely Planet desperately want themselves to believe that radical Islamists are a manifestation of protest against economic conditions, and are trying to re-arrange the facts accordingly. Perhaps the Brothers really are sitting around in Che Guevara T-shirts, debating the Marxist dialectic, driven by a desire to alleviate poverty, just like the Taliban were in Afghanistan?

"Poverty, poor education and lack of legitimate opposition have never spawned extremist religious organizations. Ever. Not once at all in history. People who say otherwise are part of Liberal-Left Conspiracy. Also, now, liberal-left means Communist."

Why should we care? Two reasons. First, these books sell well, and the market is predominantly young, well-educated people, gap-year teens, students and former students, whose minds are open enough in the first place to embark on a journey to somewhere like Egypt. Probably exactly the sort of people we don't want to be telling that the Muslim Brotherhood are the good guys.

I love Greg's dichomtomous worldview, where telling people the origins of an organizations key support is SECRETLY HOPING FOR THE OVERTHROW OF THE INFIDEL MURBARAK'S TYRANNY, ALLAHU-AKBAR! Oops, sorry, forgot myself there for a moment. Greg clearly thinks people are too stupid to realize a highly socially conservative religious movement in the Middle East with links to terrorist organizations might just be as bad as a regime that practices routine torture and denial of human rights, despite how their opposition is rooted in economic and political concerns of the nation in question.

Because, you know, pointing out the roots of support for the Egyptian Brotherhood may have some sort of legitimate basis is EXACTLY THE SAME THING as supporting the Jihadists and wanting to establish an Islamic Cailphate. Obviously.

Second, and this never ceases to amaze me, we, the British taxpayer, own Lonely Planet. The BBC bought it in 2007.

We should be asking the BBC why they are promoting Islamism, and in the meantime perhaps we should persuade Fox News to buy Rough Guides, re-balance the editorial line and give travellers a real choice?

Ah yes, the BBC. Main cog in the international liberal-left conspiracy. Once again betraying this great nation by promoting Islam, the eating of aborted fetuses, multiculturalism, marrying men with dogs and other perversions. Only Rupert Murdoch, who would never cosy up to illiberal regimes for the sake of sales, can restore the balance.

Oh hee hee Letts, you so FUNNAY!

Shorter Quentin Letts:

Women who agree with my politics are brave and courageous figures beyond reproach. Those who don't are evil Feminazis, trying to cut my balls off and emasculate the nation.

The Shorter concept, shamelessly stolen from Sadly, No! and Elton Beard.

Jul 27, 2008

I'm uh, busy...

So if you came here expecting new content, sorry. Here is a music video however, to make your trip worth the while:

Jul 25, 2008

Do you know what Blogger really needs?

A text strike-through option.

Honestly. It would be so useful. Sort it out, Blogger.

Jul 24, 2008

Beautify our town

Beautify Our Town!

One of the excellent ideas to come out of this year's KallistiCon is the BOT project. In short, we have chosen a small town in the midwestern United States that we are going to beautify, Discordian style. Discordians have done some excellent concerted jakes in the past, usually aimed at businesses or governmental bodies. We thought, why not a town? Why not up the weirdness quotient for a whole town?

We have chosen a town. We have a specific project. We need your help.

We are in the preparation stage right now, and the project will commence on August 23rd, the Day of Discord.

Who: You! And your friends!

Where: The location will be disclosed to people who join the project via the project mailing list. We are in the process of compiling a database of addresses.

When: Starting August 23rd, and then on the 9th and 23rd of the month for the next six months.

Why: For the lulz. To make the world a weirder place. To find fellowship amongst freaks.

What: This is a letter writing campaign. Write a letter to someone as if you had bought a product from them, and you are writing to express how happy or unhappy you are with it. Please, get creative! You may have purchased a goat harness and found yourself unhappy that the goat didn't come included, or find yourself extremely satisfied with your new dildo cozy since it keeps your dildo so toasty warm. Aim for the ridiculous! Once you've written a letter you're happy with, print out five or ten copies and send them to different people.

For right now, join the mailing list to hear more as the date approaches. We'll send you contact info for residents of Our Town and a few sample letters. You'll also get to read letters other people are sending out, and be in on our other BOT projects.

Join up!


When will Boris Johnson come clean about his radical past?

"Boris Johnson thinks he wants democracy. But in the course of his adventures he discovers that democracy to him means freedom. It's a banned concept from the Millennium of Religion. Like God."

Civility and Decency

This is a spin-off from my post yesterday about Quentin Fucking Letts, but its something I've been considering for a while, and wanted to talk about more, as a general trend within current political discourse, especially among the “opinion-formers” in the media.

Its hardly a novel or surprising insight, I'll be the first to admit. I know that its a particular aggravation of the brilliant American blogger HTML Mencken, of Sadly, No! fame and the more I see it within our own papers and political discussions, the more it pisses me off.

Some people, it seems, are far more in favour of civility in a discussion than actual decency. As anyone who reads me fairly often knows, I am hardly the poster-child for civil discussion. I rant, I swear, I mock and I troll. “All your carefully picked arguments can be easily ignored” and all that. But I think, underneath it, I am a fairly decent person. Not in the 'decent left' sense, hell no, those people are the poster children for Civility over Decency (especially as Alan 'Not the Minister' Johnson's lack of concern for human rights shows), but in the basic sense that no matter how nasty or cutting or rude I am, I'm only violent in my presentation of language.

In short, I'm not the sort of person who calls for pre-emptive attacks on enemy countries. I do not condone torture. I despise 'extraordinary rendition', hate racial profiling, cannot stand people who barely disguise their bigotry and blood-lust under the guise of cheerleading the “war on terrorism” and the war in Iraq especially. I don't think we should be throwing out everyone whose skin colour is a little too dark, nor cutting benefits for those most at risk in society. I don't think we should deny gays, atheists, Muslims, transsexuals or anyone else rights that the majority enjoys.

That's decency. Having some motherfucking respect for the people around you, not demonizing people who have never hurt you, not acting like a jerk simply because “I've got mine, and fuck everyone else”. Or cowering in a corner going “oh no, scary people who are different to me are here, this is an outrage!”

Because, lets face it, when you dig behind what is, on the face of it, 'respectable' and civil writing of commenters like Richard Littlejohn, or Mad Mel, or Amanda Platell, or Alison Pearson. Its dressing up ugly and vile opinions in nice sounding tones. A perfect example is that insufferable cunt Peter Hitchens, who just recently denied that homophobia has any real meaning. Well I'm sure gay people all over the world who are being killed, denied rights, attacked and smeared for their sexual leanings will be SO glad to hear that.

But you see, he said it in a nice way, with clean respectable words and no swearing, so he's perfectly alright!

Whereas on the other hand, all those nasty people over at the Guardian who were saying rude things about Thatcher are evil and horrible leftists. Never mind that none of them are contributing to a set of beliefs designed to deny Thatcher any of her basic human rights. Never mind that Thatcher put in place policies that did ruin many peoples lives, to benefit a few. Oh no, the problem is all those terrible and potty-mouthed Guardian types, who refuse to shed a tear at the idea of Our Great Leader passing away.

Well fuck that, and fuck anyone who thinks in that way. Oh boo-fucking-hoo, the nasty little leftists won't be all nice and civil when discussing your sacred cows? Civility is “manners masquerading as morals”, to quote Sidney Blumenthal. Its about an unspoken social code that relates in absolutely no way to the actual ethical ideas. Its a way of controlling the forms of argument, of dismissing people without actually having to refute what they say.

Noting the letters that Lett's reprinted at the Mail, the common theme among them seems to be that Thatcher's leadership did not enrichen or improve their lives, so why the fuck should they have to kowtow to her and her legions of brainless followers and admirers among the press corps? Letts doesn't answer that, because he can't. The idea of treating such a woman as a great leader worthy of such honour is to very many people disgusting, and the level of invective it deserves from those quarters is well beyond that expressed in the Guardian. Presumably Letts would have us all drink tea with our little finger's sticking out while discussing the pro's and con's of torture and genocide as well.

And the worst part is when people on the Left capitulate to such people and cede the ground to them, hoping to engage them in debate. The fact is that you simply can’t fight some people and the ideas they espouse by being civil. You have to let people know that they’re vile, hateful scumbags with no sense of standards or simple human decency. You have to stand up to them and (rhetorically) kick them in the balls. Repeatedly, in some cases. This whole “oh I respectfully disagree with your views on kicking out all the 'Muslim terrorist scum infesting this country with foreign diseases'” bollocks has to stop.

And yes, I am an angry leftist. If you call yourselves a decent fucking human being and you look around at the state of current affairs: a supposedly left-wing government tearing down civil rights and engaging in pointless foreign wars while the gap between rich and poor rises, and a bunch of cretinous reporters in the tabloid media who are willing to give them hell over the only few things they have done right, then you'd be fucking angry too.

And if you don't like it, Letts, you can blow me.

Jul 22, 2008


Say what you like about Quentin Letts, you have to give him credit - he's consistently wrong, no matter the issue.

The Letters page of The Guardian, seldom the sanest of arenas, has this week descended to virulent venom.

Unlike the Daily Mail's comment section, where "virulent venom" (surely a redundant phrase) would in fact be an improvement.

there have appeared several letters which gloated at the prospect of Margaret Thatcher's death

Oh no? Really? How terrible. I bet they even gloated about genocide in typically racist terms.

Their vengeful tone, though hurtful about the still very much alive Lady Thatcher, has been instructive. It was a timely reminder that no one does viciousness quite like the Left. Far from the Conservatives being 'the Nasty Party', Labour's preachy brothers and sisters have long deserved that title.

Yes. I absolutely agree. I remember vividly how that Far Leftist Lord Dixton-Smith was hateful towards black people, as indeed is ex-Colonel Patrick Mercer, a notorious Marxist-Liberalfascist. In fact, one can barely move for the number of hateful leftists out there, being all terribly rude and nasty about people*.

The Guardian letters were sparked by reports that Lady Thatcher will be given the rare honour of a state funeral. Even to discuss such arrangements is, let us be honest, a difficult matter.

Indeed. How dare people suggest that Thatcher may die? We all know she will ascend to the Heavens upon a flaming Chariot, in the manner of the Prophet Elijah, once her time among the mortals is up.

Some Guardian readers have taken a markedly less charitable line towards the former Prime Minister.

In contast to Lady Thatcher, who as I recall was rather keen on charity, so long as it didn't involve rich people having to pay for it.

Typical of the response was that of one Chris Gibson, who said that on seeing the headline about a state funeral for Lady Thatcher: 'I thought that the week had got off to the best possible start.' Charming.

Indeed. I often think the best possible start to the week is one where I don't have to look at the pile of shit which reputedly passes for a Quentin Letts article in the Mail. A little perspective is all I'm asking for here.

But the fact such horrible letters were written, let alone published in a national newspaper, tells us something else.

They have Paul Dacre as their editor as well? OMG!

Why is it that socialists, in contrast to their professed humanity and Methodist origins, are so remarkably malevolent? Why is the Left so mean?

"Why is the Left, which I and my employers villify on a basis as being responsible for every social ill in this country, from paedophilia to knife crime to terrorism to littering, so pissed off and nasty towards right-wingers (the all important, yet left out qualification)? I just can't understand it..."

Left-wingers like to talk of ' progressive politics', by which they suppose they mean open-mindedness, but historically they are far more dogmatic than the Right.

Factionalism and drunken intrigue were rampant in the trades unions of old.
On immigration, Left-wingers have been exceptionally illiberal. Commentators and politicians who questioned the pro-immigration consensus were shouted down as racists.

I had to quote that in full, just so you could get a full flavour of the make-believe world Quentin lives in. Apparently, factionalism (and drunkeness, for some bizzare reason) is proof of the Left's dogmatism. Because nothing says "unthinking follower" quite like...uh, spinning off and creating a new group based on minor political or economic interpretation of certain theories.

Furthermore, when people on the immigration debate are making such enlightened comments as:

The British government hates all things British and especially English. Why are we so surprised at this payout and the far smaller ones for servicemen? It is in line with the secret agenda to eliminate any sign of British/English pride.

Then yes, it seems that perhaps, just a few of them, may not be motivated by a deep and abiding concern about depression of wages and stress on local services quite so much as "ZOMG DARKIES!!212!"

The thoroughly decent former Tory leader Michael Howard was cast as something close to a Nazi for daring to suggest that immigration was becoming a problem. His assailants were not shamed by the fact that Mr Howard is of Jewish émigré stock. He'd had the temerity to oppose the Left. He had to be destroyed.

And crushed him we did, like a huge monolithic Red Army. Of course, that Howard was playing dog-whistle politics with the more extreme and xenophobic elements of the right throughout his entire campaign is of no consequence. Context is just leftist tyranny of...something.

Tony Blair's regime was infamously unpleasant to people who tried to stand in its way. Government scientist David Kelly paid for his independence with his life - suicide, we were told, although he was pushed into any such suicide by Labour-ordered briefings

Ah yes, Tony Blair. That chap who is widely admired on the left and considered by some to be the second coming of Marx himself. His deep devotion to the working class, wealth distribution, weakening of social hierarchies and improving social mobility certainly mark him out as possibly more left-wing than Mao himself.

One of the Left's great propaganda achievements over the years has been the idea that it was somehow kinder to support Labour than to be Conservative.

Yes, gosh, I wonder how people ever thought that not supporting the richest and most privileged in society was somehow kinder than doing so? Ooh, my brain hurts, help me figure out this problem Quentin!

It demands communal conformity rather than independent freedom. It seeks to dictate supply rather than allowing the market to find a level. It places the state above the citizen.

And of course, right-wing politicians would never act in authoritarian ways, nor come up with some big, communal idea that everyone must bow down to. You fucking moron.

Some days, I think I may be a prick. Then I realize, if I didn't have to live in a country where idiots like Quentin Letts are paid for shit like the above, and I'm still unemployed, I'd probably have a better outlook on life.

*I'm going to do a follow-up post along this theme soon, as its something I've seen quite a lot in the American blogosphere, and it fascinates me. Also, I haven't forgotten about my promised book review, if anyone was wondering. It's just The Pirate's Dilemma is fairly long, and in depth, and I'm trying to find a job, which is sucking up lots of my time.

But now, a word from our sponsors.

Jul 20, 2008

"Statistics is for sissies!"

There are times I really hope knife crime is as out of control and as common as certain tabloids are making it out to be. Because then pricks like Keith Waterhouse might get stabbed in the hand and be unable to write such incredible bollocks.*

We are among sceptics

he says as he goes on to give another pronoucement amount knife crime. Now, remind me again, is scepticism that thing where you've already made up your mind about something and fix the evidence around the policy? No? My mistake then, carry on.

There are lies, damned lies, statistics, figures in a plain brown envelope slipped to Pollyanna Toynbee in an alley round the back of the Home Office, graphs and tables from the British Crime Survey and estimates from the National Guesswork Authority.

What a delightful looking strawman you have there, Mr Waterhouse. May I enquire as to its precise purpose?

Stripped of all its flim-flam, the British Crime Survey is about as informative - for one thing, no one under the age of 16 allowed to give evidence, so that loses a whole stratum of new-type knife victims - as a questionnaire on your favourite shampoo.

Oh? And do you have any figures to support this?

The plain fact is that nobody believes a blind word the Government, or its minders and manipulators, say any more. Truth is not a commodity in which they wish to have further dealings.

I'll take that as a "no" then. What then do you base your assessment on?

A few nights ago, as an 18-year-old stab victim lay in a pool of blood awaiting his statistical turn to become the 21st teenager to die violently in the streets of London this year, we learned that crime statistics are dropping dramatically.

Oh, emotional appeal. Interesting, and obviously tragic for the poor lad. However, it doesn't actually disprove the government's figures. Would you like to try something else?

Addresses of interviewees, we're told, are drawn at random from post office lists.

Which means that if you live in a crime-free area, you're going to give crime-free replies.

Well, yes, that's kind of how it works. You know, if there is no crime around, then of course it won't get reported. As opposed to the Daily Mail's wonderful method of statistical analysis, where they used police reports of knife crime to claim that there had been a 35% rise in some parts of the country - which is true - but also failed to report that these were in fact in the minority as crime had dropped in most of the country. Could you please comment on this discrepancy?

And meanwhile the altogether different police figures, based on whatever they have managed to dig out of their hectares of paperwork, are - how shall I put this? - altogether different.

Yes, you could say that. They show that while 4 police forces have seen a huge rise in knife related crime, 18 have seen a drop. All in all, in 20 forces in the country, knife crime has either stayed level or gotten better, whereas in 14 forces in total, it has gotten worse. Now, which of these numbers is larger 14, or 20, 14, or 20? Take your time.

If I was told by some government agency that tomorrow was Tuesday, I should check it against the calendar. Then I would shake the calendar to make sure it was still working.

Well yes. That's because you're a moron, as the above post so clearly illustrates. For those interested in a more thorough debunking of the knife crime panic, Five Chinese Crackers has the relevant material. Surprisingly, David Aaronovitch also has a good article.

*I don't really wish he'd get stabbed in the hand. Mainly because I know he'd dictate his article to someone else, and would probably never shut up about how he was the victim of a "horrifying knife crime!!212!" What about me, having to read this and be the victim of a horrifying logic crime? Never thinking of the little man, these bloody journalists....

Jul 19, 2008

Framing and the stigmergic learning potential of propaganda groups

Stimergic learning is covered here.

The structure of secular conservative "framing" of events is discussed here.

Note the most interesting thing, that actually being an amorphous mass with seperated command structures but all communicating is actually an effective strategy. Its essentially an open-source platform, applied to political and information operations.

In both cases, each rely on various groups innovating and trying varying methods of attack, the communicating their effectiveness back to other groups who share their aims. The techniques are refined, then packaged for mass release. Then the process is repeated. It is constant refinement based on the ability for fast feedback AND, a mass of people willing to try various strategies.

Its essentially a Black Swan approach to events. By allowing groups to experiment, the whole movement can take advantage of successful methods, whereas failures will only impact on those directly involved in them. Its very smart, really.

Jul 18, 2008

A list of stupid things that the American right actually believes

I've had to cut this down after it was reaching essay length, so I'll just concentrate on the most obvious ones.

  • That they are experts at discovering documents faked using Photoshop
  • John Kerry is a cowardly traitor
  • Saddam and Bin Laden work together
  • Iran has no sense of self-preservation
  • Europe is being overrun by Muslims
  • The Free Market works
  • Jesus will forgive all your sins
  • Jamil Hussein is not real
  • Detention camps work
  • Global Warming can be disproven using papers which are not peer-reviewed, which are not written by scientists with any sort of background in global warming.
  • Iraq is both simultaneously a pro-American paradise yet at the same time so dangerous it requires eleventy billion troops to occupy it for 10,000 years.
  • Jonah Goldberg is a serious thinker
  • George W Bush is a good President
  • Kathryn Lopez is not insane
  • "The sanctity of life" means its perfectly OK to keep dead people technically alive.
  • That Hillary is a Lesbian Communist.
  • Associated Press enable terrorists
  • Atheists love Muslims and hate Christians
  • Joe McCarthy was a True American Hero
  • Calling for extra-judicial, vigilante punishment against black men suspected of crimes is not "trying to form a lynch mob".
  • Dick Cheney really cares for the plight of oppressed peoples all over the world.

Diplomacy bad!

Aaaahh, only in the world of Mad Mel could the news that America is sending diplomats to Iran, along with a senior official to talk about various nuclear related topics, be taken as a sign of impending doom.

Unless this is all an elaborate bluff, the suspicion must be that what the Bush administration is now focused upon is not safeguarding the survival of Israel and the freedom of the world but on winning the presidency for the Republicans.

Wait, Bush was focused upon safeguarding the freedom of the world? Since when?

Meanwhile Israel is being isolated by America, which is giving Iran a further gift of the thing it most craves –

Chocolate? Also, and maybe this is just the coffee talking, but if Israeli planes are being stationed at US bases in Iraq for an attack, and the deployment of another aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf signal some sort of abandonment and isolation, then I'm not sure how much more support Mad Mel would consider to be acceptable. One of Jordan's presumably titanium reinforced bras?

time to build its nuclear weapons capability.

Oh. Not chocolate then. Also, would this be the nuclear weapons program that was stopped in 2003?

What should be happening now is that the Iranian regime should be under the maximum economic diplomatic and military pressure, treated as a pariah state and kept guessing about the possibility of a US attack, all in order to weaken and destabilise it.

Because that sounds so unlike what is currently being done.

History teaches us, after all, that war is the inevitable outcome of appeasement because, instead of preventing bad people from doing bad things, it galvanises them further to do so. When the Americans talked to the Japanese, the result was Pearl Harbour. When Chamberlain talked to Hitler, the result was the invasion of Poland. And when Britain tried to appease the Arab Nazis in 1930s Palestine by offering to reward them for their terrorist intransigence by giving them half the land promised to the Jews, the result was the Arab war of annihilation against the reborn Jewish state -- a war which continues to this day.

Reminder: The history of diplomacy spans 1930-1945. Kissinger, Metternich, Machiavelli et al can fuck right off.

Moreover, Iran is as strong as it is today only because of the astounding fact that America has refused to fight back in the war that Iran has been prosecuting against it now for almost three decades.

Oh psh. Iran was just another bitchy attention whore looking to bait America, Mel. I mean, geeze, haven't you heard the phrase "Don't feed the trolls"? Look what happened last time we ignored that advice, with Bin Laden. He just won't shut the fuck up anymore. Do you really want us to have to suffer 20,000 video messages from that smirking bastard, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Shit, he annoys me enough as it is.

It is however quite staggering to witness this change in attitude towards Israel by a man who had been arguably the most pro-Israel American president in history. Yet now he is giving the impression that – in the prescient cry of Ariel Sharon – Israel is to play the role of Czechoslovakia in 1938, with William Burns about to join the EU in sealing its fate in a re-run of the Munich agreement.

I totally got that from his speech on the 60th Anniversary of Israel's founding:

Some seem to believe we should negotiate with terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along. We have heard this foolish delusion before. As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared: "Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided." We have an obligation to call this what it is – the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history.

Clearly a deceitful, shify, tree-hugging Chamberlain fan-boi if ever I saw one. You give him hell Melanie! Incidentally, and as an aside, I am loving this current trend of hard-right commentators and politicians tearing each other apart. May it long continue.

It is that systematic accommodation with genocidal terror and the sacrifice of truth and justice on the altar of appeasement which is the single most important reason for the never-ending Middle East impasse -- and why the whole of the free world is now about to be held to ransom.

Let it never be said that Mad Mel is not capable of reasoned, sober and not at all hysterical pronouncements on world events.

But thank God that article is finally over. My penace to the international blogging community is paid for another week.

I think I may cry...

No, really. The Home of the Green Arrow is shutting down for the time being. Where else will I be able to find badly cropped, non-researched tabloid stories, framed with the usual BNP-esque nonsense we have all come to know and laugh at?

Oh well, at least the reliably inaccurate Sarah Maid of Albion and other rising dwarf stars of the BNP-blogosphere are still going strong. Unfortunately. But I would miss their tireless screeching about how 2% of the country are going to take over the rest, and their amusing projections about all their enemies being Nazis and similar hilarious musings.

Jul 16, 2008

Oil, "Obama Boys" and Iraq

A very interesting and unfortunately far too brief interview with Naomi Klein on the above topics can be found here. Here are some snippets, so you can get an idea of what its about:

"I just want to add one more point, and I just want to take this opportunity, because I feel like people are being so bombarded with these oil industry talking points, and it really is changing public opinion. I mean, people need to know this. There’s—polls are being commissioned that are finding that 67 percent of Americans support offshore oil drilling, because they think it’s going to lower the price at the pump.

What’s actually going on is the oil companies may not even bother drilling. What they’re doing is they’re stockpiling leases. And what that means is that the oil companies will have a much greater control over the oil supply. When the oil companies have a much larger control over the oil supply, they can turn it on and off. They can control price. They can fix the price. So, in fact, what this is doing is the opposite of what they’re saying. It’s actually giving the oil industry much more power to drive the price of oil up by controlling supply, by just giving them all of these leases. And we keep hearing, well, they have all these leases already, and they’re not using them, and they want more. Why? Why do they want all these leases? Because that is what gives them control over supply. That’s what allows them to fix prices."


it’s shades of Bill Clinton’s first campaign, where he also campaigned very actively about labor and environmental standards and NAFTA. NAFTA had already been signed, but it hadn’t come into law. And then there was a turnaround, and there was a turnaround in the transition period, after the election but before he took office, where there was a sort of fateful meeting.

And I think the fear is that some of the same people, like Rubin, responsible for, you know, Rubinomics, which turned into Clintonomics, which was, you know, the Democratic full-scale embrace of the ideology of privatization and so-called free trade, that this same sort of group of people are following—are now surrounding Obama. And Jason Furman is a Rubin protégé and worked with him at the Hamilton Project, which is a sort of sub-think tank of the Brookings Institution, which emerged a few years ago to prevent the Democratic Party from embracing what they saw as populist economic policies, the centerpiece of which would have been a reexamine of the ideology of free trade, which is being discredited around the world.

Like I said, a fascinating listen, and highly recommended.

Jul 15, 2008

Daily Express headlines - in the style of haiku

End of the road for speed cameras?

Fining people for
breaking the law is bad
when it affects me

Convicts hug a tree to go free

This headline is
factually incorrect
but never mind right?

'Sex on beach' Briton sorry

What a slut, I
am now in favour of Dubai's
awful Shariah law

Tories attack 'U-turn' over victims

Cameron to Brown:
Damned if you do and
damned even if you don't.

Top knife crime officer: teenagers must do national service

Violent teens? Put them
in the Army. Its the stock
answer to all ills.

95% of Express readers say 'quit EU'

Stand in awe as we
show you the art of stating
the bleeding obvious

OK, that's enough haiku for today.

Jul 14, 2008

National Vigilante Organization - Helping YOU fight crime from your parent's basement!

Unfortunately, it seems I am rather late to this party, but I was directed to the hilarious National Vigilante Organization by the good folk at Mailwatch - and boy, I've barely stopped laughing since.

To get an idea of the mindset, you have to imagine the sort of person who reads The Sun, the Daily and The Express, every single day, and believes it is all true. A scary thought, I know, but keep it in mind.

When Tony Blair was elected in 1997 he promised to be "Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime".

Today that is just a sick joke !

Because all those filled jails and increasingly illiberal crime policies are just a figment of the liberafascist left's imagination!

Except for the millions who have been betrayed for years by incompetent ministers and a police force which cares more about political correctness than actually catching criminals !

Is it just me, or does anyone who uses the word politically correct never actually seem to know what they are talking about?

Crime in the UK is now running at over ONE CRIME A SECOND - but nothing gets done !

My god, this country has gone to the dogs! Wait, one crime a second? But thats like...33,556,926 crimes per year. So within 2 years, every single person in the country (plus some tourists) has, on average, committed a crime. Even if we include repeat offenders, we're talking what, five years before we lock up most of the population, right? Why not just throw up a big wall around the entire country and call it a day?

Fear of teenage violence is now so widespread that over 1.7 million Britons dare not go out after nightfall because of teenage gangs !

Translation: I fear to leave my parents basement, and so should you. DONT MAKE FUN OF ME, I HAVE A PERFECTLY VALID REASON!!!

The results of their policies can be seen everywhere - mindless thugs roaming the streets looking for innocent victims to attack, elderly people brutally beaten or even murdered in their own homes, and the final obscenity - children who have never known a day's discipline in their lives murdering other children !

I just looked out the window, and I couldn't see evidence of this. I saw some guy drop a chocolate wrapper, but I don't think that counts.

So much so that any attempt to stand up for one's own rights is met with persecution and prosecution by incompetent and gutless police who would rather defend the yobs than arrest them !

Well, it makes sense, yeah? Think about it, what do police need most? Criminals, right? Without criminals, the liberal lefty PC do gooders wouldn't be able to tax us to death. So of course they're gonna be in it together, its the oldest trick in the book. The solution, I believe, is simple. We must abolish the police.

While crimes are now committed at a rate of more than one a second, over 2000 man years are wasted by the police EVERY SINGLE YEAR on so-called "diversity training" !

And if we did it by dog years, it would be 14,000 years! This is an outrage!

Day by day we slip further and further into a police state, where the police consider themselves above any law - building illegal databases in order to criminalise every single person in the country !

Um, hang on a minute...

Anyone can now be arrested and convicted, not of any ACTUAL crime, but merely upon someone else's word - with the police accepting that word as truth - allowing the law to be used as a weapon of destruction against the innocent !

So why are they having such problems arresting yobs then? Ah, of course, the conspiracy. Sorry, carry on.

After decades of liberal claptrap, where thugs and yobs have been portrayed as victims, not the scum they really are, we have a "justice" system totally perverted into a hideous parody of justice, where scum are protected, and the REAL victims are persecuted!

But not me. My tinfoil hat makes me immune to their brainwashing! With my tinfoil, and my strawmen, I will smash the liberal-leftist-yob-police-paedo-conspiracy!

The 1998 Human Rights Act has proved to be a total, unmitigated disaster and MUST be repealed!

The REAL rights of decent honest people to a life free from fear have been replaced by a lunatic system where the "rights" of criminals are put above the rights of innocent people.

Murderers have been set free to kill again because their so-called "human rights" were held to be greater than a decent person's right not to be murdered!

That's actually covered under Article 17 of the Charter, the "murderers rights trump decent person's right" ammendment. When will you silly liberals learn to read before signing up to such things?

Since you are reading this online you can join our CYBER WARRIORS and start FIGHTING BACK !

Oooh, cyber warriors! Just what the UK needs, its own version of the 101st Keyboard Kommandos Brigade.

By using the Internet we can change public opinion, and more importantly, make certain that the failures of the Government and the various agencies who should be protecting us are made public !

Most people would set their sights a little higher and try for logical, fact based arguments. Not NAVIGOR however, who spammed their website all over newspaper comments pages in order to recruit 9-5 office workers to become their CYBER WARRIORS!

I notice they don't advocate fighting back the criminals by, you know, actually fighting. Because thats scary and they have knives and stuff and Navigor's cyber warriors don't want to get fucked over by a bunch of 15 year old kids. They might start having flashbacks to all those times they got beaten up for their lunch money, back at school, and no-one should want to inflict that sort of suffering on someone.

Sadly Navigor has an actual blog, bringing down the average IQ of bloggers everywhere. Fortunately though, it has not been updated for a good couple of weeks now, which is just as well, since LAW AND ORDER weenies give me headaches with their incessant crying.

Jul 13, 2008

Pirating The Pirate's Dilemma

As the title suggests, I just downloaded an online copy of Matt Mason's intriguing book, The Pirate's Dilemma: How Youth Culture is Reinventing Capitalism.

Expect a review in the next few days. Also added Matt's site to the blogroll.

Jul 11, 2008

Neal Stephenson on literary genres

An interesting 40 minute talk about the breakdown of traditional genres in fiction and literature.

Link via Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing.

Teh Atheist Conspiracy...

I know I really should leave such things to Anton Vowl, as he is so much better at them. But I was trolling around the Daily Mail messageboard on a slow Friday afternoon when I saw the topic title....

"are atheists infiltrating organizations such as education, government etc?"

and I just knew it was going to be a clusterfuck of epic tinfoil hattery and right-wing paranoia. I was not disappointed.

In the thread about the dreaded Heinz Mayo "gay" ad, one respondent stated that atheists are infiltrating organisations that influence government, educational policy, etc.

Can atheists really do that? After all, they are not an organised as such. Is the real truth merely that more people are rejecting religion and becoming de-facto atheists, such that the proportion of atheists in all sorts of organisations is increasing because of that, i.e. it's mere statistics?

Is it really a conspiracy?

A sensible start....surely this cannot last. Atheism debates are like those on abortion...pure flamebait.

YES Mikey my man, oh yes!! Read Peter Hitchins, an ex-communist..

The communist party used to say...go out and submerse Into the establishment, government, schools, authorities...I'm not quoting but find out Mikey. Look at government... the number of ex-communist party members and ex-marxist types...


Just look at the members in the NUT to find out how far these people have infiltrated education and the 'elf and safety brigade in local councils are teeming with them. Even the higher ranks of the police have them in abundance.

Reminder: if lots of educated people agree, its not because of superb reasoning skills and access to more factual information, its because they are being manipulated by a conspiracy.

I haven't read anything this funny in a long time! "These people" indeed. Atheists were around long before anyone caught religion, and do you know what? We're not communists, marxists or fascists, we're just people who lead ordinary decent lives without believing in any gods - and you sound so horrified, as if we're trying to undermine society!

Atheist disinformation agents have even infiltrated the Daily Mail!

i think you are right. you only have to look at Great Britain with high teenage pregnancies, broken homes, political correctness and not being allowed to make judgements about peoples' lifestyles. There are people being shot dead for being in the wrong place.

I think having christian values did keep people on the right track.

Goddamn those fucking Atheists and their lack of morals making it unacceptable for me to persecute teh gheys. I see no unintentional irony in my previous statement whatsoever, either.

The people that have infiltrated our society have no religious preferences. They probably call themselves atheists but their religion is Marxism. They don't worship a deity, just an idea that is a proven failure. I suppose that's the difference: nobody has ever proven that God does not exist whereas Marxism has been tried and has failed miserably.

But that won't stop those who are hungry for power over the proletariat. Antyjax is obviously familiar with the type, and there are thousands of them, in education, local government and the criminal justice system. It isn't an organised conspiracy, but each of them are following the teachings of Gramsci and the Frankfurt School.

I'm sure that sounded really smart in his head.

Atheists tend to have the evangelical zeal of all religious zealots. They are so arrogant in their personal beliefs and self esteem, that they will not brook alternative belief systems!

All the PC claptrap, about renaming Christmas and the like, are all down to Atheists in Local Government.

What makes their actions all the more disgusting are their attempts at blaming Muslims, or Hindus, etc.. These unfortunates find themselves beset by Press Commentators, blaming them for something for which they have no knowledge, or inclination! To the contrary. They mostly enjoy the family aspects of our CHRISTIAN celebrations!

(The Muslims also hold Christ in high esteem and see no reason why they should not celebrate Christmas alongside Christians!......... Go to Saudi Arabia and you will find that out in short order!)

Yeah, goddamn Atheists and their Winterval! Religious nutters of the world, UNITE and let us be rid of this menace.

The point of the Bible, and Christianity is to promote harmony and a moral life. The 10 Commandments are good rules for morality, and which every decent human being will follow naturally. As our community has gone away from the church and the fear of what comes next (heaven, hell?), we are heading for barbarism. This is already clear by what is happening in every inner-city and now suburban streets with young men and woman being killed in cold blood for little or no reason. All religions have their own version of the 10 Commandments which again are moral pointers for the followers.

To go to the original question, Jax has answered it pretty well in my opinion. So yes I do really believe that atheists have infiltrated government at every level, hence it will reach the education system. Private church schools, I suspect, are an exception.

Britain was harmonious back when peasants believed the King ruled by the divine grace of God, and I approve of this system. Speaking as an agnostic.

I am more alarmed that teachers are using their jobs to poison the minds of our young children with their left wing convictions. It isn't as if the teaching profession can be proud of their acheivements as so many children leave school without the ability to read or write properly. Universities are having to train youngsters the basics before they can persue the courses at Uni.

As for the police they have alienated the majority of the law abiding population with their policy of appeasing criminals and taking ot out on the rest of us.

Because ignorance and irrational brutality are hallmarks of all Atheist thought.

I cannot see God but I can have faith In God's existence. Science may someday come to a proof of the truth or falsehood of a creator, but It Is In no position today to do either. If you say.."I see no evidence that there Is a God" fair enough. But go as far as saying.."I know there Is no God" and you have taken a leap of faith as large as that of any theist.

Although theists are better, because they are right. Or something.

I'm a Christian and I believe In God. It's really quite easy, I believe there Is one God. He actually Loves you, and you try to mock and sneer, and yet he still Loves you. But I don't actually have to explain my BELIEF to you, rather you have to explain your ASSERTION that there Is no God?? And you have to do a lot better than "I know there are no God's because there Is no evidence." You have a BELIEF that there Is no God, and that Is fine. But you don't KNOW. So for all your assertions, you're not being very assertive are you?

Because asserting an unknowable without evidence is an excellent system of logical thinking.

I believe the heading of this post is misleading and would be less so if it read "are the extreme left infiltrating organisations such as education ,government,etc.
the answer is yes they are and always have done just because tony blair denied them the right to stand as labour candidates doesn't mean they have gone away or changed their beliefs they are still out there burrowing away into all aspects of our lives,and i don't believe it will be long before they rear their heads again and feel safe to come out into the open again.

They are in all probability atheists,but that is not the b all and end all of their beliefs but may be the basis for them.
The question is ,are they a danger to our society must be an undoubtable yes,but is far more outreaching than just are they atheist !
Many atheists are content in their non belief,and content to let the rest of us believe what ever we want.

The extreme left are not .

Atheists are a front for the Communists! COMMUNISTS!!12!

I find it unbelieveably funny how non believers get so upset about something they don't believe in

ok, you don't believe in God. thats your choice. but why do you get so angry and upset with those of us who do believe in God? I find that it is especially the Christian faith which gets such anger etc directed towards it

I do not for one second believe in the hindu religion. However I don't get all worked up and angry about it. Let them believe what they do.

atheisem is a belief aswell btw

Well, last time I checked, it wasn't Hindus who had a majority in this country. But of course that couldn't be the reason, could it?

On numerous occasions, I have had an atheist say to me something along the lines of

"we don't know what caused the universe"

yet they will boldly claim that there is no evidence of God. If God caused / created the universe then it stands to reason that the universe (in fact all of creation) is evidence of God. Are you able to prove that God did not cause / create the universe?

Incidentally, to answer your question about why I believe in God, there are two reasons.

1. I believe what is said in the Bible about Him. The central theme is that before God, all have sinned and the punishment for that sin is death. God loved the world so much that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross so that people can be forgiven of their sins. Only in Christianity can I find this redemptive message where salvation is based on what Jesus Christ has done, not on some works-based method present in all other religions.

2. Since becoming a Christian, I have the testimony in my life as to answered prayer, or how God helped me through a difficult situation. The personal evidence for my faith is therefore my testimony. Now others can choose what alternative explanation they give to what I attribute to God at work, but description of something doesn't alter what it is. It only affects one's perception of it.

Logic is really wasted on some people.

Psychedelics making a comeback as medical treatments

No, really.

Much greater than usual media attention accompanied the most recent World Psychedelic Forum held in March in Basel, Switzerland, the home of Albert Hofmann. A headline in the May issue of the staid British medical journal The Lancet -- known for challenging the Pentagon's Iraq casualty numbers -- read, "Research on Psychedelics Moves into the Mainstream."

The Lancet article identified a number of early-stage clinical trials being conducted on various "anxiety and neurotic disorders" using psychedelic compounds. As previously mentioned, Doblin and MAPS are conducting three parallel studies in Israel, Switzerland and the United States on the use of Ecstasy for treating PTSD. MAPS is also funding the work of controversial Harvard researcher John Halpern and his Yale counterpart Andrew Sewell, who are studying LSD and psilocybin as treatments for cluster headaches. (Information about their research is available on clusterbusters.com and Erowid, an online clearinghouse for reliable data on virtually every psychoactive plant and chemical known to humans.)

Harvard University, which conducted the last legal research on LSD in the mid-1960s and was the site for one of Halpern's studies on the effects of MDMA on dying cancer patients, is once again considering clinical trials to support Halpern's research.

And in a major milestone, on May 13 of this year, Swiss doctor Peter Gasser administered the first legal dose of LSD in more than 36 years. It was for a study of anxiety in palliative care, which helps terminally ill patients transition more peacefully -- and with as little pain as possible -- into death.

Other complexes like addiction and obsessive-compulsive disorder are being treated with what are called the "shamanic plant medicines": ayahuasca, the Amazonian vine preparation whose psychoactive component is dimethyltryptamine (DMT); peyote, the North American cactus whose psychoactive component is mescaline; and iboga, an African rainforest shrub.

Addiction is one of the most important new fields of study, not only because of the sheer numbers of afflicted, which the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates at 23.6 million persons a year at a cost of $181 billion. According to a newly released report from the World Health Organization, the United States is the world's most addicted society. Of those who are lucky enough to get treatment, half eventually go back to heavy use, and 90 percent suffer brief or episodic relapses for the rest of their lives. This makes the search for an effective and long-lasting new treatment more attractive -- and more pressing -- than ever.

Jul 10, 2008

So I'm back

For the moment, at least. Expect updates soon.

Jul 5, 2008

They're coming to take me away, ha-ha!

Interesting article from Threat Level about the whole Viacom-Youtube...well, insanity, I think is the only word I can use to describe it.

I'm sure as you recall, I actually uploaded a 30 second clip from The Colbert Report to showcase our success at ColbertGASM earlier in the year. And of course, since Viacom now have the IPs and usernames of everyone who has ever visited Youtube at any time at all, its only a matter of time before they track me down, charge me with the awful crime of posting a 30 second clip, then throw away the key.

At least its going to take them a damn long time to do so, given the amount of data to be handed over.

Jul 2, 2008

Sorry, not around much again

What with job-hunting and so on and so forth, I've really basically limited my internet access to PD.com for the moment. Too busy with other stuff. Still, right now I seem to have at least one job interview coming up, and once I work myself into a routine, regular posting will resume. Until then...I guess you'll just have to wait!