Sep 24, 2007

Syria and nukes - what the hell is going on?

What's going on with Syria and nukes?

As was reported in the world media, on September 6th Israel, with permission from the USA, carried out a raid in Syrian territory and seized nuclear material, shortly before destroying the military base it was being held at, near Dayr az-Zawr.

Israeli laboratories have confirmed the material was of North Korean origin, which is very interesting in the light of the meeting between Syrian and North Korean officials, at the highest levels, in Pyongyang recently. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, “North Korea has trained Syrian missile engineers and the Arab nation has bartered farm products and computers for missiles from the Stalinist state.” According to US sources, North Korean personnel were killed in the raid as well. Naturally, both Syria and North Korea have denied nuclear cooperation, which would be a breach of the NPT.

However, the Times newspaper in the UK, who broke the story, have something of a credibility issue with one of their authors. Mr. Mahnaimi had previously claimed Israel was in the process of creating a bio-weapon which could only kill Arabs, with intent to use. While such weapons are theoretically possible, there was nothing in the way of hard evidence to prove Mr. Mahnaimi's allegations.

The IAEA also have their doubts over aspects of the story. Diplomats close organization have said they are “unaware of such concerns.” And some analysts also question the theory, noting in some cases, the failure to find secret weapons in Iraq after Washington had used their supposed existence to justify toppling Saddam Hussein.” The Center for American Progress has also cast doubt on the claims, stating that “there is no proof that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea sent nuclear weapons shipments or equipment to Syria.” Thus far, only one major Arabic language newspaper has claimed there is proof of the Israeli version of events, as well.

Israel has imposed a media blackout on the events of the night of September 6 since the reports in the Times, but the USA is insisting Israel did something of major importance. This is highly unusual behaviour for Israel who, as MSNBC point out, are “very boastful, very arrogant. Usually when they do something they boast about how spectacular their operation was, how successful they were. This time it’s only linkages here and there by people who claim this and that.”

Interestingly, John Bolton, who has recently been acting very butthurt over the USA making deals with North Korea, was said to be highly distressed over this news, and is pressing for the US to abandon its agreement with the Pyongyang regime.

Dr Ephraim Asculai a former member of the IAEA, and current member of the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University, has said the IDF report is “halluncinatory” and that “We hear different versions of what happened every day...The nuclear material may have been enriched uranium or plutonium – it is very dangerous to transfer this material by hand. Furthermore, these materials are some of the most costly in the world and are usually kept in safes, especially if they were smuggled. I don't understand how (soldiers) could enter these secure labs and leave with such samples," he said.

What is most interesting is a little theory I have been hearing which may link this to the supposed nuclear missile mix-up at Barksdale base, along with alleged Chinese hacking at the Pentagon. Here is an overview of this theory:

China gains access to US nuclear warhead serial number files by hacking into US military databases. Chinese hackers alter the serial numbers to one or more (likely more) warheads, particularly those that can be deployed by missles, and disguises them as non-nuclear, possibly obsolete dummies, targeted for disposal.

China thus acquires working samples of US nuclear warheads.

China supplies North Korea with the device that "Lil' Kim" sets off not so long ago. NK thus gains access to the world's "Nuclear Power Club"", and a huge bargaining chip in future negotiations with the West.

The "fizzle" was actually a stolen US nuke set to its lowest possible yield; the test actually intended to determine if the Chinese hackers had gotten the codes right.North Korea has suddenly decided to "play nice" and shut down its "nuclear (weapons) program", because NK never actually had a weapons program of its own in the first place?

China, in a bold Mid-East power-play, through its friend/ally/client North Korea, supplies Syria with a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on a missle, such as a Syrian Scud-C, along with its arming and control codes, originally of US origin.

China has long-standing relations with North Korea. North Korea has long-standing relations with Syria. Syria has long-standing relations with Iran. Iran has long-standing relations with...China. Let the circle be unbroken!


Syria nukes Israel. Tel Aviv or Hiafa are possible targets (my money's on Hiafa).

But Lo! Analysis of the debris shows the origin of the nuke material to have been Isreali ally and good friend, the USofA!

Who does Isreal retaliate against?

Weakened, bloodied, apparently betrayed by their closest ally, Isreal severs its ties to the US, and eventually succumbs. Or at least, the "Special Relationship"which has allowed Isreal to act forcefully in ME politics as a US proxy-state, is strained to the point of ineffectiveness.

The net result is that the US/Israeli hold on the ME is broken and the way is made clear for a new power to rise: Iran.

Iran, with all its gas, oil, and nuclear power reserves.

Iran, with its dear old friend, China.

And presently, the mystery over what happened and why, remains unsolved.

PS: Thanks to the tinfoil hatters over at AboveTopSecret, both for the links and the interesting discussion on what may be happening.

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Sep 23, 2007

Things I will not talk about

So I missed on commenting on a lot over the past couple of months. This is a list of things I probably would have, but did not, talk about:

Godawful shitty weather
My crappy jobs
Blair stepping down
Brown stepping up
Hilariously inept suicide bombers in the UK
Foot and mouth disease
Foot in mouth disease (the outbreak among the Tory leadership)
Nukes vanishing from missile bases
Apparent "Anarchy in the UK", and lack thereof
Greek Myths
The greatest book EVAR!
Music reviews

I think that covers most things.

Sep 22, 2007

So...I'm back

And I'm knackered beyond belief.

But at least normal blogging services will be restored shortly. Stay tuned for more.