Mar 3, 2006

Who to really blame for the Iraq War

Louise Mylroie of the American Enterprise Institute is the woman to blame for the invasion of Iraq. Since the mid-90s she has spun a fanciful tale involving Iraq as the arch-nemesis of the world, controlling a shadowy set of terrorist networks and unleashing them against America.

Her claims were ludicrous and without any foundation, claiming that Iraq was the hidden hand behind Khobar, the African embassy bombings of 98 and the first WTC attack, where she made the extraordinary charge that Ramzi Yousef was an Iraqi intelligence agent.

The FBI and CIA have repeatedly investigated her claims and accurately branded her as an ideologue. However, this has not stopped other American Enterprise Institute members to believe her. She had the backing of Dick Cheny, Richard Perle and that thug James Woolsey, one time CIA Director.

So, now you know who was planting the idea that Iraq = terrorists while Clinton was still in power.

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