Nov 6, 2006


The town is dead. I went out yesterday afternoon to grab some things before the shops shut and it was like a bizzare cross of the early chapters of Day of the Triffids, or the start of 28 Days Later . I swear I didn't see or hear another living thing until I made it to the high street. Very strange, especially in the pre-twilight murk this town is enveloped with by 3pm.

So its another normal Reading Week, basically. No lectures, no tutorials and no long waits at the bar to get drinks. Sounds like how University should be, to be honest.

Oh, and since I haven't done a music review in ages, I will do a mini one right here: buy Pia Fraus - In Solarium. Incredibly melodic and easy to listen to, yet almost as if Sonic Youth took up doing pop music. Well worth having and very good stuff for a second album.

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