Jan 28, 2007

Breaking: US Anti-War protestors shoot themselves in foot once again

Am I the only person who thinks if you want any sort of credibility in front of Congress and with the current US administration concerning Iraq, then the best bet would be to keep Hanoi Jane as far away as possible?

Geez, generally, in a highly charged political environment, its best to not play to your opponents stereotyped caricature of you and your position. Someone like her is just going to give the hawks in Congress another excuse to ignore the protesters as "moonbat liberal nutjobs who are betraying our country."

For my British readers, who may not be aware of Fonda's reputation, she was part of the anti-Vietnam war movement. She visited Hanoi, was photographed on an anti-aircraft battery used against US aircraft and took part in propaganda radio broadcasts for North Vietnam, as well as disparaging the accounts of torture by USAF crewmen who were shot down and captured.

In her defence, she says she was forced into some of these positions by the North Vietnamese and while I have not studied her claims in detail, in seems plausible. Not only was it the standard modus operandi for SE Asian Marxists, I can see some naive idealist going there without a clue as to the true nature of the regime. Many in the UK did the same with the East German Republic, something I have studied in detail and while the stakes were not as high, once you are in a "relationship" of that sort, you will be manipulated for political ends. End of story.

Anyway, back to the peace protesters. If you want to portray yourselves as people who are loyal to America and do not want to see it squander whats left of its international good will and military power in a futile gang battle in the desert towns (and perhaps have enough force to act as a deterrent to genuinely dangerous and rising nations - such as Iran, North Korea, China and Russia, who are currently acting with impunity), then for the love of sweet baby Jebus do not allow someone one step off of a traitor to endorse your march!

I was going to write a huge rant on binary value systems here too, but I'll save it for another day. That can stand alone, with what I have in mind.

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