Jan 19, 2007

Discordian bloggers?

How many of us are there actually out there? I know there a couple of sizeable Discordian communities on Livejournal, but well....its Livejournal. If I want that level of drama I'll start an abortion debate on a forum. Apart from Hoopla, the late RAW and myself (one of these three is far lower league than the other two, and it isn't RAW or Hoopla), there seem to be very few actually around.

Which is strange, given everyone and their dog is blogging nowadays. Especially given Discordians tendency to rant and rave at the world at large, not to mention some computer literary. We need to encourage a Discordian blogosphere. Its only fair, the various other religions and politics types have theirs, we may as well show them up at their new game.

Discordian bloggers, check tha fuck in!


drjon said...

It could be worse.

They could be on MySpace...

Episkopos Cain said...


And true. Well, I've signed up to Livejournal now, but only to link back to here (shameless self-promotion). And I've now added you to the side bar too.

Cainad said...

I'm a Discordian blogger... sort of.