Feb 14, 2007

Cain beats the Mainstream Media once again

Now, a very interesting story appeared on Yahoo's newswire the other day.

A former British National Party election candidate and a dentist stockpiled explosive chemicals in advance of a civil war in Britain, a court has heard.

Ex-BNP candidate Robert Cottage, 49, wrote of assassinating Tony Blair and bought dangerous chemicals together with friend David Jackson, 62, Manchester Crown Court was told.

Sound familiar? It should do, because I wrote a lengthy article on it on this blog about two months ago, when the arrests first went down and no-one outside of a few relatively minor internet outlets could be bothered to pay attention.

The mainstream off of the internet is still not paying attention. While the Independent have quite rightly put this on their front page, the Guardian has buried it quite deeply within its UK politics section, as has The Times and The Sun, while the Express and Daily Mail do not even have this on their websites.

Please note, for my foreign readers, this is a week after a suspected plot to kidnap and murder UK Muslim soldiers by Islamic extremists (which is most likely a concoction of MI5 as part of its turf war with Special Branch) hit the front pages of every newspaper and gained extensive national coverage. But this, oh this story is hidden away and kept quiet, even by supposedly leftist and independent papers like the Guardian. I wont even go into the reasons why papers like the Mail and Sun, who say they oppose the BNP but create a climate where their message is palatable, would do such a thing.

Anyway...Cain: 1. MSM: 0

Your move, gentlemen.....


nick said...

From the BNP's site:

Needless to say, no-one in the Establishment media was in the least bit interested in the fact that Cottage was a Conservative party activist for more than twenty years before switching to the BNP for one council election, then drifting away from us when our local team decided that he was becoming dangerously eccentric.

Nor did they mention the fact that his wife - who alerted the police - was also a staunch BNP activist. Nor (except in the small-print on the BBC website) was there reported the sad truth that the sum total of the supposedly massive haul of explosives that Cottage and his dentist 'accomplice' had 'stockpiled' was a gallon of hydrogen peroxide - a perfectly legal chemical used by dentists to whiten teeth.


Episkopos Cain said...

Yet he did join the BNP and was considered reliable enough by your leadership to stand for the election. As I understand it, they are quite picky when it comes to those sort of things.

The mainstream media, whom many in the BNP seem to think is arranged in some sort of vast conspiracy against them (just ask Griffin about "teh Joos") failed to report this for nearly 3 months. Yet, when a Muslim gets arrested on even more flimsy evidence, the media is all over it. The media are also not asking why the anti-terrorism legislation has not been used to charge Cottage, even when under the CPS guidelines mean he should be.

Finally, you forgot that he also had a downloaded bomb making book, which kinda puts the whole NBC suits and "harmless chemicals" (which just happen to be bomb making components) in a whole different perspective.