Feb 10, 2007

Confession to Conspiracy and other goodies

Kindly provided by Sondra London, Conspiracy to a Confession by Kerry Thornley is available at her site

"The story that appears on the site was edited by Sondra London with Thornley's authorization, from a manuscript he originally called The Dreadlock Recollections, which he completed in 1989. He lived long enough to see the first eight chapters published under the new title on this domain in 1997."

Also, there is a collection of what appears to be otherwise unpublished Erisiana. I've certainly not seen it before, and Sondra says she doesn't know that anyone else has copied it, so here is some unseen material for your perusal, available here.

Finally, if these interest you, there is plenty more material available here to keep you occupied for a while.

Much thanks to Sondra London, who emailed me yesterday to let me know about these articles.

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