Mar 21, 2007

Big Mac License Agreement

Well, yesterday I was Stumbling around the internet out of sheer boredom, when I found a gem of a site dealing all the absolute bullshit you have to put up with if you decided to go with HD-TV and the new Blu-ray systems, supposedly so you will forced back to the cinema to enjoy your high definition entertainment.

Anyway, I posted the link at the PD forums and at one point I compared it to MacDonalds and the Ministry of Trade trying to tell you how and where you can eat your hamburger. And thus, due to the wit and creative abilities of another member, the Big Mac End-User License Agreement was created. Be sure to drop some off at your nearest fast food joints, with whatever changes are needed for the location.


High Heels said...

"Lovin'" the flier. Hehe.
Amazon Unbox Video has a similarly audacious and restrictive end user agreement for their downloadable dvds.

Episkopos Cain said...

Just as well I get mine by illegal downloads off of the internet then, isn't it?

For all legal people reading, that was a joke.

Not really.