Mar 17, 2007

The Colares UFO Case

One of the more interesting UFO cases, in my opinion.

A number of things make this odd, not least

1. The amount of people who reported them
2. The physical attacks made on people by the UFOs
3. That researchers managed to get access to the government files concerning the sightings.

A brief overview of the events can be found here, but I suggest watching the video. It is quite long, at 45 minutes, but a good watch. It was produced by the History Channel too, if you were wondering.

Of course, this just validates the Subgenius position on UFOs and other strangeness, which I find to be such good advice I will reprint it below:
"Whether they are appear as Aryan Venusians from the "Confederacy of Planets" spreading racist/Utopian bullshit or as disembodied "Ascended Masters of the Spirit Plane" with names like "Clarion" and "Ankor" and "Ariel" in order to tell little old "mediums" about the coming New Age, they are LYING THEIR ASSES OFF.

They make you think you're "Chosen" so they can sap the energy of your belief in them specifically. They are inert without without the energy of human beliefs and shapeless without human expectations. Messing with them in any way is like handing a signed blank cheque to your psychic energy bank....

Mess with the Elder Gods only if you have to - if you are called. In general, the best way to handle a "Close Encounter" of any kind is to run like hell. All of the phenomena are dangerous unless "Bob" says otherwise."

But since these ones were actually hurting people, I'm sure you don't need to be told that.