Apr 25, 2007


Who are we?

Its safe to say that we are, first and foremost, people who think change is not only possible in this world, but a necessity. We have reached a cultural dead end, where any new values are either quietly co-opted to serve the needs of an elite, or as a false “choice” in a society that no longer understands the meaning of the word.

True change is not impossible, but it is deemed dangerous by those who benefit from the way things are now. Subversive and radical ideologies that fail to understand this are doomed to failure as they become part of a larger overall system within society. An idea may be revolutionary for its time, but within 10 years it will have been bastardized and sold on a t-shirt. They become, just like everything else, another resource to be exploited, a lifestyle choice instead of a choice of life.

In the past, we have often witnessed political revolutions, but rarely social ones. A revival of life, with meaning beyond shrill partisan screeching and the bottom line, must be advanced towards. A renaissance, if you will, of modern life. However, this can only arise through understanding of and discrediting the current system.

We are, above all else, neophiles. We seek an uncertain but better future over an unpleasant present. And there is no greater goal than that.


Felix Faustus Nothus said...

This should be on a t-shirt-
Any ideology that gets to a point you can write it on a tshirt, get a new ideology.

Actually, that says alot about religion and fashion, if you think about it. Goes deep man.

Episkopos Cain said...

Memes dude. Religions are just really successful chain letters.



Also: Yoinked.

Cain, did you write this piece??

Episkopos Cain said...

Yah. You wanna help? I know you're pretty busy of late, but we intend to take our time with this and could use a writer of your calibre. Look for the Magazine thread in the BIP forums, the instructions are enclosed within.


Yeah, I think so.

I'll go take a look later this afternoon.

Mark R. said...

this shit is some of the most hello shit i have read in a while

that last paragraph is killer man

"We seek an uncertain but better future over an unpleasant present. And there is no greater goal than that."

keep that shit going man

kids need to hear this shit

Felix Faustus Nothus said...

Also Cain: Yoinked.

Keep up the good crap Cain.