Apr 10, 2007

Blogging roundup

So, lets see, what has happened in my absence....

Well, for starters, Grey Lodge have finally bought out their 18th Occult Review, after a very long period of inactivity on that front. Even if your interests do not run towards Crowley, Kabbalah and similar areas (like myself), its still worth a read, mostly because the name is using occult in its more original sense, something that is hidden. For example, this issue has a downloadable version of Derrida's Dissemination, parallel Soviet Cinema videos, some actual mahadgickque stuff (however its being spelt this week), books by Banksy and much more. Make sure you have a torrent client working, as many of the downloads are only available by that format. I've also added a link to the site on my blogroll, where some investigation will likely unearth a world of mp3s, pdf books and interesting videos.

Linked, but not exactly the same, Alterati is now up and running. This is just the latest in a long line of media projects bought to you by James Curcio, perhaps better known to some of you as Agent 139. He says:
"What's Alterati?" In simplest terms, a new media magazine. It's more than that, but if you get that, that's enough for now.

"So... What kind of material?" you ask.

Think of the website as a stage for your work, or the work of someone you would like to interview for us. We can handle audio, video, articles, etc. So the question is -- how do you want to present it?

If you're providing media, it's important that you have an idea for an article to accompany it that in some way contextualizes it, shows how it is culturally relevant, or makes at least some people laugh their asses off.

We're particularly interested in articles (500-1000 words) about DIY media, underground artists, music or events, or new technologies- unless it is a 'how to' it should have a strong narrative. If it is a 'how to,' we'd prefer if it was funny or a little off-the-wall.

What we don't want - we're not at this point interested in essays about magick, conspiracy theories, or philosophical diatribes, unless if they are hysterical or really above-par, but that may change as we grow in the future, and of course we withhold the right to blatantly ignore our own guidelines when we believe it is called for.
So if that sounds like you, or something you'd like, you know where to go.

On the more general blogging front, Felix Faustus Nothus has caused somewhat of a storm on his site, with a bit of unadvised generalization. He meant no harm by it, but its a good lesson to show how the media frames perceptions of certain ideas, particularly those which may be challenging a status quo. It also shows what controversial views can do for blog hits, though personally I don't suggest that. Mainly because I'm fairly laid back and moderate (until provoked, anyway), and partly because I'd rather be known for the quality of my ideas and writing than the emotive response they provoke. Again, I don't think FFN was trying to do this, but for any of you who do see a quick route to infamy....just remember there is always a downside. Especially in the age of blog trolling.

Unity has gone all quiet of late, which probably has a few Tory supporters worried. I look forward to seeing his videos when he comes back, even though I generally try not to mix with the UK political blogging scene.

As nu-monet reminds us, the world will be ending in three months time (again. Possibly.) Just as well, given the global warming business, I'd hate to miss out on frying the current US administration (among many other Pinks) with Xist lasers simply because they all drowned due to rising sea levels.

Lets see, what else? I'm not going to talk about the fucking Navy sailors. One, because they were likely spying and two, I give more of a shit about the four soldiers in Basra who got iced than I do about living and relatively well off people (and guess what? Two of them were women, yet Faye bloody Turney is still getting more coverage).

The next few months over here are going to be dismal, politically. Unless you like internal party politics. Expect months of Gordon Brown in being Scottish shockers (because, you know, like Tony Blair is sooo English. And last time I checked the country was called the UK, not England anyway) and news from 10 years ago being covered today. At this rate, we may get an apology for Iraq, probably by the time we've finished messing up Somalia.

I think thats it, for now. I'll probably look into hosting some pdfs and mp3s up on here over the weekend, assuming I can crack on with the work I currently have.

Ah, its good to be back.

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