Apr 12, 2007

Hail Eris in Court!

From Sondra London:

THIS COURTROOM SCENE is reminiscent of Through the Looking Glass as rendered by Franz Kafka.

It's a perfect example of what is meant by "Reality Jumps The Shark."

Perhaps the only time Eris Discordia was hailed under oath, broadcast live nationally, in this 6.5-minute clip from State of Florida v. Sondra London, Danny Rolling, et al.

I'm just glad it was caught on camera; otherwise nobody would believe it. This is no Discordian prank; it's the Awesome Power & Dignity of our whole judicial system brought to bear on the epitome of absurdity itself.

The incredulous defendant is required to explain the Subgenius spoof webtoy for declaring a Short Duration Marriage, the Shor-Dur-Mar. We have a sworn & witnessed reading of a reply from the recipient of the joke email generated when you fill out the Subgenius Form. This was then construed by the State as a real wedding.

I AM NOT ALONE in regarding my own trial as uncommonly bizarre.

HERE on the Court TV blog, Court TV Online Managing Editor Jon Bonne declares it "own snap pick" for wierdest court case ever televised, calling it "downright surreal" and describing me as "the most hostile witness I've ever seen."

He doesn't mention the Discordian twist, but he does describe the testimony as if it were my own intention to "spend a lot of time" describing aspects of my work.

He should know better, with his credentials, but this is how distorting this kind of hyped up emotional reaction can be. He gets so excited, he forgets Trial 101: the attorney asks the questions, the witness answers them, no more and no less.
me_13668 asks: what is the weirdest court case you guys have aired on tv???

ctv_jon_bonne: oooh, excellent question!!! i'm thinking through my recollection, and... my own snap pick would be Fla. v. Sondra London and Danny Rolling. Rolling is a convicted serial killer, and London is his collaborator, uber-fan, and would-be wife/life partner/God knows what. she was sued by the state of Florida for allegedly trying to profit off the sale of Rolling memorabilia. and her testimony on the stand was downright surreal. she was probably the most hostile witness i've ever seen, and she spent a lot of time trying to describe her very bizarre Danny Rolling-and-other-serial-killers Web site, which was, i believe, pulled by AOL after numerous complaints.

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