Apr 20, 2007

Hal Turner raid planned for tomorrow

Those of you who spend any time around the troll pits of the internet, such as 4chan, 7chan, YTMND etc will undoubtedly know of this already, but its worth repeating.

Hal Turner is, in short a Nazi. A Nazi with his own radio show. Unfortunately for him, he also hasn't really got a mass following, except from the /b/tards and other various trolls, who decided to absolutely ruin his life online. As the Fox News below clip of him advocating the murder of a US judge shows, he isn't exactly someone to feel sorry for.

Turner came under the terrible eye of the Internet trolldom around Christmas of 2006, with what he claimed was his final show, due to "lack of funding". However, 4chan, 7chan, ebaumsworld.com and YTMND all planned and carried out a massive raid on his show, letting the vile little Nazi what everyone actually thinks of him.

Hal very foolishly decided to post the numbers of the prank callers on his site. Most were spoofed, but those that were not mostly belonged to minors. And there began the great tale of revenge, most of which can be read and listened to by clicking here.

Certain Anonymous have decided that tomorrow would be the perfect day for turning up outside his house in an offline raid. Some responsible Anons are getting Eye on Hate and One People's Project to make the event larger and filing requests with the North Bergen police.

Now, hopefully this will go through as planned. It would be brilliant if it did, perhaps the ultimate in online/offline harassment, but Hal has pretty much dug his own grave with his varied attempts at revenge. For more information on the raid, check out Pool's Closed. I'll try to get more on what happens tomorrow.


Felix Faustus Nothus said...

Howed all that go anyway?

Episkopos Cain said...

The /b/tards choked and did nothing, damn them. Sorry, been busy, should have added that in as an update.