May 4, 2007

Carnival of Anarchy

As you know, I tend to enjoy plugging sites on this place. After all, it costs me nothing to do so and spreading the love means sites I think are good get marginally more exposure, hopefully keeping the dross down and in its place (where I can laugh at it when I need something funny to read).

So, anyway, I know its been on my blogroll for a while, but I thought I'd draw attention to the Carnival of Anarchy blog. Always a good read and I've recently been catching up on the great series of recent articles on anarchism and violence. I haven't commented, for the simple reason I am not an anarchist myself, though I will admit more sympathy to them than most political groups. Especially at CoA, where there is a healthy level of contribution and good writing.

Especially interesting for the last theme were the articles the peaceful dictator's violent subordinate and the Anarchist Case Against Terrorism, which I particularly enjoyed, being as I am mired in a paper about vanguardist tendencies in Marxist theory.

So if you are an anarchist, or even like me and just like reading a good mix of political theory and practice in a well explained manner, I certainly suggest checking it out.

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