May 21, 2007

Principles of advertising 101

"The masters, whether they be priests or kings or capitalists, when they want to exploit you, the first thing they have to do is demoralize you, and they demoralize you very simply by kicking you in the nuts. This is how it’s done...This is a principle of the advertising copy writer, that he must stir up discontent in the family. Modern American advertising is aimed at the woman, who is, if not always the buyer at least the pesterer, and it is designed to create sexual discontent....But with the adult, the young married couple, which is the object of almost all advertising, the copy is pitched to stir up insatiable sexual discontent. It provides pictures of women who never existed. A guy gets in bed with his wife and she isn’t like that and so he is discontented all the time and is therefore fit material for exploitation.”

- Kenneth Rexroth, in an interview on The Social Lie

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G said...

That is the wonderful thing about advertising - if you can manage to reach a wide enough audience, you can feed them stimulating creative content. The thought processes are usually linked to the talk processes, so if you can make people think about your product or service, they would most probably want to talk about it. The thing about interesting concepts is that when a large enough percentage of the audience can remember your product, whatever it might be, either by means of association or by means of indoctrination, and even a few decide to talk about it, eventually everyone will be arguing about it or comparing opinions. This is the nature of good advertising, and not only the devices of the process which might exploit a single aspect of popular social methodical Western consumer psychology. If you can sell a product without causing a row, your product is part of the new era of thinking, where not only the customer is not always right, but even the prospective customer too.

Making decisions about how you might appeal to your critical audience, as opposed to how you can manipulate them is essentially progressive, due to the underlying elements that creates positive human bonds and partnerships with people like you. A product that is sold by a lesser means is bound to disappoint, because the promised fantasy never meets the light of day, and the fools that go in seek of it are eternally disappointed.

Yet such is the nature of man, that even in the best conditions, a man might find some fault with the rotation of the earth...