Jul 30, 2007

Well, since I'm buggered if I'll write...

I've instead opted to direct you to this interesting post by Anise on A Cybernetic Exchange, entitled Discordianism, Dialectics and Parody.

A most delightful read and outside viewpoint of Discordianism.


drjon said...

LJ was down for a half-day. Back up now. I've posted a few goodies in the last few days.

indigojester said...

Hello my dear boy. (man?) I am back. Sorry I have not written in ages, but presently feel as if I am carrying four camels on my back, and as soon as I tell someone in charge, he says "damn, you are right, I had not noticed!" and adds a fifth. Missed you my dear boy. You can have the house in Athens and all my cats if you so please, save for two, my husband (ginger, fat, fluffy, masochist) and my concumbine (albino, Persian, irritable and butt ugly.) I go to order some Mr. Bungle cds now. Luv.
PS BTW, a Greek alternative magazine published an article on Discordianism. The end of the world is nigh.