Oct 17, 2007

Online shizzle I keep forgetting to do...

I may as well add them now, while I still have them up in my head.

First off, Discordian IRC Chat. I know there are a few channels out there, but if you want to find me or any of the other Principia Discordia posters, we're in irc.maddshark.com with the channel #discord. Pop in some time and say hi

Secondly, for the conspiratorial minded, pranksters and O:MF experts, there is a new game for you to enjoy. The Adam Weisphaut Society could use your particular skills, so sign up and see what it's about.

Finally, I am about a week behind on my expected podcast timetable, but I probably will record it sometime tomorrow. Illness, including a blocked nose which made my voice sound ridiculous, is the main reason I fell behind on this. I do have some good material lined up though, and hopefully at least some will appeal.


Anonymous said...

AH! I can't sign up! I've waited so long for it to be activated, how long does it usually take?

Cain said...

I don't know, but I've just sent a message to Professor Cramulus to let him know to activate you.