Nov 30, 2007

Hmm, interesting rumours...

Been following the Clinton Campaign Hostage Drama most of the evening, mainly because I have no social life but I also because I have £20 in bets on both casualties and which group will get the blame.

Anyway, according to posters on AboveTopSecret, the hostage-taker in question is a libertarian, a self-styled "conspiracy theorist", claims to be an ex-solider (uncomfirmed) and says he has a bug or chip of some sort implanted in his head.

IOW, he sounds like many of the more lunatic fringes of the militia movement.

Oh, look at that. A bill is going before the Senate to investigate radicalism and terrorism within the USA. Since most American Muslims (outside the ghettos) are very mainstream, they're more likely to be looking at various militia and seperatist movements within the USA.


Alternatively, if you have been paying attention to how the mainstream media have been covering Ron Paul, and the likely political beliefs of this guy (usual militia movement talk about the NWO, internationalism, the UN, Federal Reserve etc) we can quite easily expect the media to paint this as another Ron Paul crazy, like the Aryan Nations guys and those people arrested for making fake money the other week.

Which, incidentally, is what my bet is on. Come on American news corporations, don't let me down now.


Johnny Lemuria said...

The money is not fake.

Episkopos Cain said...

Sure it is. Oh, there may not be any written law against the money, but the people with the most firearms, collective will and media power say its fake, and thats what really counts in this day and age.

Lopus said...

That's right, real money is backed by nothing and depreciates. The "Liberty Dollar" is definitely fake money when you look at it that way.