Dec 20, 2007

Malcolm X on the money, as per usual

"When you begin to start thinking for yourself, you frighten them, and they try and block your getting to the public, for fear that if the public listens to you, then the public won't listen to them anymore. And they've got certain Negroes whom they have to keep blowing up in the papers to make them look like leaders. So that the people will keep on following them, no matter how many knocks they get on their heads following him. This is how the man does it, and if you don't wake up and find out how he does it, I tell you, they'll be building gas chambers and gas ovens pretty soon -- I don't mean those kind you've got at home in your kitchen..."

And this just doesn't apply to race relations, either. Its just a shame more people don't grasp that.


Anonymous said...

some accurate thoughts on money for the feast of consuption. nice, very nice.

Anonymous said...

(curses) i need to get my mind out of my purse. now. (not that i cannot stretch the meaning to include consumption. but.)