Dec 3, 2007

"Waaaah, Putin is a fascist!"

I can hear the Russophobic media bleating already about the Russian decision not to let the OSCE monitor the 2008 Duma elections.

Of course, we should ignore the fact that the OSCE is a Western propaganda tool masquerading as an apolitical, democracy orientated organization. And that allegation doesn't come from the notoriously paranoid and conspiratorial Russian press, but instead the man who headed the OSCE's 1996 election mission in Russia, Michael Meadowcroft.

According to his interview in The eXile, he was forced to ignore irregularities in the Russian elections that year. Not really a surprise, to those of us that pay attention to such things, but still, quite an admission to be made openly, and one that is hard to refute. After all, a democratically elected Marxist is something the West simply will not stand for, despite the democratically elected bit. If they take power by force, like the CCP, then that is fine, but if its a legitimate expression of the will of the population...well, look at Allende in Chile.

This isn't about Putin. Well, it is, but only since he crossed the West's oil barons. To me, its about our complete and utter hypocrisy in our dealings with Russia. Our press are too timid and spineless to even consider investigating our countries policies, but are more than willing to blast Russia for it (consider reporters deaths in Iraq vs the Anna Politkovskaya, in terms of coverage). It shows our national interests being subordinated to the personal interests of businesmen and women who haven't a care in the world for the wider ramifications of their actions. And, ultimately, it shows both our politicians and press are willing to manipulate the facts and fool people for the most stupid and pointless of reasons.

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