Jan 30, 2008

Bolton's hard on for war with Iran

I sometimes wonder about John Bolton. I mean, firstly he has a silly moustache, and if WWII taught us anything, it is to never trust men with silly moustache's when it comes to politics. And he was Bush's choice for UN envoy, and we all know how much President Bush luuuuuuuurves the UN. On the other hand, he occasionally shows signs of higher cognitive functions, like when he was interviewed on BBC's Newsnight. He is an enimga, wrapped in bad facial hair.

Yesterday on Fox News he also decided to show his support for Giuliani and McCain. Ignoring Mr 9/11, according to the Israeli daily, Haaretz, McCain said "At the end of the day, we cannot allow the Iranians to acquire nuclear weapons." Not as quite as...um, outspoken as Rudy "Peace is Strength" Giuliani, but if he has the backing of Bolton, he obviously seems to think he'll do something about Iran.

Because Bolton really, really, really hates Iran. He hates it with that strange passion that only a man who has never personally had anything done to him by Iran can. Well except making him stall in giving information to John Kerry when Kerry was inquiring about the Iran-Contra issue. You can tell how much he hates Iran by how often he calls for it to be bombed. Maybe he's a fan of The Secret and hopes if he concentrates on it enough it will be true?

The Israelis apparently take him seriously, probably because they don't want to repeat the mistake of the last time they didn't take a man with a silly moustache seriously, but the National-Reviewista have apparently closed ranks in support of his position as well. And given how a Middle Eastern Discordian with a radio nearly started the war last month by trolling the US Navy while the Iranians were zipping around nearby, and the history of these guys when it comes to outright distortion and lying, I don't give Iran very good chances for 2009.

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