Jan 11, 2008

Books for the masses!

Found these while lurking around the comments section of the excellent Rigorous Intuition blog. I only found the archives yesterday, but its already becoming one of my favourite conspiracy blogs, both intelligent and informative, without jumping to conclusions.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to share, and so I present you with the download links. Books seem to be an assortment of classic conspiracy theorism, the occult, ritual magick (early 20th to present) social engineering and a few other areas, including RAW's Illuminati Papers. Like I've said before, I may not necessarily agree with all of them, but I won't turn away from the offer of free and interesting reading.

Odd Books Link 1
Odd Books Link 2
Odd Books Link 3
Odd Books Link 4

Download should come roughly to about 40 MB total. Enjoy.


Phree said...

Thank you, you beautiful man. I've downloaded all of them because I'm a greedy little word monkey.

Episkopos Cain said...

Not a problem!

TGCid20 said...

Damn,broken link...any alt link or torrent perhaps?