Jan 26, 2008

Discordian polling

After the New York Times decided to come out in half-hearted support for McCain and Clinton, under the slogan of Iraq - 10,000 more years of occupation, Professor Cramulus decided to see where Principia Discordia's loyalties lay with a poll.

To make matters fair, voters were allowed to choose between Clinton, McCain, or a small basket of kittens as their choice for the next President of the USA, if the election were today. The results, as of posting this, are

McCain: 3 (13.6%)
Clinton: 1 (4.5%)
A basket of kittens: 18 (81.8%)

Sadly, this may be the most coherent and sensible statement on the political process thus far, although when you consider 95% of the media coverage, this would not be too hard.

1 comment:

Mike the Man said...

You should have checked the updated poll for "Discordian American Princess I'd like to see in a California car wash while wearing nothing but a white sheet":

McCain: 3 (.0057%)
Clinton: 1 (.0019%)
Miley Ray Cyrus: 519 (99.23%)