Jan 29, 2008

Pranking about

Just a heads up to let you know blogging may be fairly light for the next few weeks. Not only am I going to finish my degree and finally (at last) get my bloody Master's, I'll also have my hands full with the R U Sirius course Pranks and Pranksters, Tricks and Tricksters at Maybe Logic, and a couple of other little side projects.

That said, I'm about to launch into a blogging blitz, so you'll have plenty to catch up on should I be busy.

Update: actually, my circumstances don't look too good right now, so I've had to withdraw from taking part in this, not to mention make ramen noodles a staple part of my diet again. Stupid rent changes...anyway, best of luck to the rest of you who are involved in this, and let me know what you get up to.


HOOPLA said...

Maybe Logic Academy is a good time. Let me know hoe it goes.

Telarus, KSC said...

I had a good time with Peter Carroll's first course. And with Tosk as an admin, any problems should be small and quickly handled.

Also, CONGRATS on the degree.

Episkopos Cain said...

Cheers. Unforunately, I can no longer take part (see the update) but I certainly intend to do it in the future, should I get the chance.

Jeremiadist said...

Curious as to what you're Master-ing. Good luck with it all, of course, in any case. Enjoying your material as usual; even if not all of that enjoyment gets commented upon, it's there.