Jan 9, 2008

Time to bait the Paulbots

I know I'm calling down the fury of Ron Paul's internet based legion with this...but fuck 'em if they can't take a joke (click to enlarge).


Apikoros said...

I realized that my Anti-War views, as strong as they, can't take second to so many of my other beliefs.... There's a fine balance. Plus, after I saw Congressman Paul on Meet the Press, I was like, this Dude is NUTS!

Episkopos Cain said...


Personally, I have no problems with insane candidates, in and of themselves. I followed Tancredo's campaign fairly closely, since he was entertaining, in a scary way.

Actually, I'll sum up my objections to all US candidates in a post soon, I think.

Phree said...

Crap. Deleted previous comment because I was foolishly commenting while telling my son how to remove his skate trucks and my comment was rife with typos.

What I meant to say was:

I'm not a Paulbot so I found it ironically amusing. But then, I find most of 'our' (said with derision) candidates ironically amusing.

Episkopos Cain said...

They do have that quality, irony. I just happen to move in a lot of the same cirlces as Ron Paul supporters (anti-war libertarians, conspiracy theorists, the internets) so he is slightly more often the target of my vitriol.

That and I love riling the most cult-like of his supporters.

Jeremiadist said...

I think you meant stormfront.org?
And while they certainly seem to like him - which is, I suppose, telling - what gives you the impression that he likes them?

Coincidentally, I was saying to a friend last night that Paul strikes me as being on the verge of coming out with some oh-he-IS-a-nutjob-after-all material at any moment. I propose a betting pool. I will split my bet between Holocaust revisionism and the hollow Earth. Any takers for some random UFO theory?

Episkopos Cain said...

Hmm. Stormfront.com seem to be some sort of art/production company. I shall have the artist of this piece duly whipped.

As for nutjobs, I take the well trod route of International Bankers and the Bilderbergers/CFR seeking to create a New World Order. Its hardly as exciting as Reptilians and interdimensional conspiracies, but the old ones still have staying power.

Anonymous said...

He's not pro-stormfront. He wants the government out of marriage, and he doesn't ignore the inherent contradiction in claiming to be pro-peace while supporting lethal ageism in the womb.