Feb 4, 2008

Continuing to jump on the Scientology bandwagon

I thought you might enjoy this Youtube video someone from PD.com has given me links to. From everything I see and hear, this is 110% the Church of Science modus operandi for dealing with critics who wont shut up. 10 minutes long, enjoy.


HOOPLA said...

They don't react very well to humour, do they?

Phree said...

That's just fucking creepy.
When they didn't have anything they could say to his accusations they went with the old tactic of trying to turn it on him.

These three men are representatives of Scientology, helping people and enlightenment? With their anger, accusations of pedophilia, murder and their barely checked aggression?
Oohh..,makes you want to run out and be just like them. [/sarcasm]