Mar 17, 2008

Blogging Civil War!

A little bit of hilarity that I was alerted to by Jon Swift. It looks like the Hillary supporters at Daily Kos have had enough of the Obama supporters and so are "going on strike" or, more accurately, are taking their ball and going home.

Fortunately, I don't seem to be the only one who finds the whole thing somewhat stage-managed and planned in advance, what with the anti-Kos site stickers showing up shortly after the walkout started.

Now personally, I have to admit I think Obama is probably a better choice than Hillary, not least because it seems that Hillary is hated by about half of America, and America has already had 16 odd years of that. But I'm not that attached to his winning the primaries. If Hillary wins, that means at minimum, I get 4 years of bashing left-wing authoritarians, as exemplified Algere's opening post, asking the mods to censor things she doesn't like to see. I also have this cool fake conspiracy theory relating to Hillary, the NWO, 2012 etc and although it will likely work equally well with any incumbent President, Hillary suits it the best.

And if McCain gets in...well, then the NeoCon giggle-ride wont stop! Maybe a little less religious nuttery, in the homeland, but those foreign adventures will keep on rolling!

Either way, the split is significant, and interesting. While the majority of Americans are not bloggers, and do not get their information from them, those who are politically interested or active likely do, and Daily Kos is a hugely influential site for the Democrats. A split there shows that the campaign strategies being used so far are only helping to divide the Democratic base - in some cases, to the point of Hillary supporters saying they will not vote for Obama if he wins the primaries, simply because of how they feel they were treated by his supporters.

It also ties in neatly with a pet project of my own that I have been whispering in select ears over the internet, that of creating a split between the anti-interventionist/Libertarian wing of the Republican party with the GOP, and that of a split between the progressive elements of the Democrats and the main party. Both splits would break the backs of their respective parties and while the dissenters do not agree with each other, they seem to have far more in common with their respective dissenting 'opponenents' than they do with the mainstream ideology of their own party.

And the reverse is true for the main party's themselves. More than a few mainstream GOPers have expressed sympathy for Hillary and how her supporters are being treated by Obama fans - much in the way they were treated by supporters of Ron Paul.

If anything, this election is bringing out the real weak points in each party, and the main splits between them. All it will likely take is a couple of Black Swans and someone savvy enough to take advantage of those events.

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