Mar 19, 2008

Our Brazilian friends

It might not be evident or obvious to everyone, but apparently there is a fair following of Discordianism in Brazil. While we have only had a few pass through on, Google searches etc, as well as their own testimony would seem to back this up.

So if you're fluent in Portuguese, or have a decent translation engine and want to check out some talent from the Southern Hemisphere, I would suggest Schrödinger's 1001 Cats, Rev Cekemp's Orkutcidio (you may recall Rev Cekemp is also responsible for the Portuguese translation of the Black Iron Prison) and the downloadable Discordia Brasilias, which I have mirrored here.

Anyway, just bringing that to your attention.


Anonymous said...

Hey dude! I sign your RSS Feed, you are brillant. I'm glad for the reference, thanks a lot =)

Cain said...

Not a problem, I've been meaning to do this for a time, and I saw your link to me, and thought it would be nice to return the favour!