Apr 21, 2008

I don't know if I can take the irony much longer

Alan "not the Minister" Johnson noted, in his puff piece on the ridiculous Euston Manifesto in the Guardian today that

Albert Camus warned that a love of freedom and progress can become "weirdly inseparable from a morbid obsession with murder and suicide".

Now, who does that sound like more to you? The Eustonista who trumpeted marching into Baghdad and deposing Saddam Hussein (and since then have also defended extraordinary rendition and torture) or "the foggy zone of the post-left"?

Hmm, I wonder....people who didn't want war, and people who did want war? Who is more at ease with violence in the name of progress, people who didn't want to overthrow a vicious and bloody dictator, and those who had no problem sending an army half way around the world to engage in social engineering on a vast scale in the Middle East? Alan Johnson, I believe the kettle would like to make racial commentary on the pot in this case....

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