Apr 24, 2008

You know its time to log off the internet.....#2

When you start rewriting Clash songs to make them sound like they are referring to your forum:

Hanging about
Down on Apple street
I spent a lot of time on my feet
When i saw some passing noobs yeah,
We did chance to speak

I knew how to post
Y' know an
They knew how to meme
An' one of them had a Sacred Chao
t-shirt that was not clean

All the young n00bs
Laugh your life
Cos there ain't much to cry for
All the young cunts
Live it now
Cos there ain't much to die for

Everybody wants to bum
A ride on the chaos and discord coaster
And we went out
Got our name and became a new poster
Of course we got some moderators
Though they ain't the mafia
A banhammer is a banhammer
When they get 'em out on yer

You gotta drag yourself to rant
Drug yourself to post
You're dead from the waist down
By the middle of the week

Face front you got the future shining
Like goatse man's wedding ring
But i swear as we get closer
It looks like a shooped pic of Sting
But it's better than some blog
Now that's no place to waste your youth
I posted there for a week once
I luckily got the boot

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