May 25, 2008

Some rather morbid news....

Via Yahoo

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - Another severed human foot has been discovered washed ashore on Canada's Pacific coast, but police are no closer to solving the gruesome mystery.

The foot, still wearing a shoe, was discovered on Thursday on a small uninhabited island south of Vancouver in the Strait of Georgia, and is the fourth discovered in the region in the past 10 months.

The previous cases all involved right feet still in sneakers, and each was found on a different island

Boing Boing also posted about one of the earlier found severed feet back in Feburary. According to forensic experts, it seems the first 3 feet were seperated via decomposition and not forcibly...which lends some credence to the theory that they belong to passengers who were in a plane that crashed in the waters off Quadra Island three years ago. It seems unknown if the latest foot was also a result of decomposition.

Still, having severed feet wash up on shore... not especially nice.

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