Jun 28, 2008

ATTN retards from MysticWicks

Your temporal lord and master was too busy trying to get a fix to keep his shitty personal fiefdo-uh, forum, running perfectly. You wont find the answers to why it was down via Google either, and especially not via this place (which emphatically had nothing to do with the hilarity of MW going down for several days). How about you go pick up some books on how the internet works, and maybe some programming, and go away now?

Edit: I forgot to add...behold your beloved webmaster, in all his glory (when he's not flashing kids, off his face on drugs/alcohol or shaving his nephew's genetalia).

Edit 2: I am now currently being linked to in what appears to be a secret forum on MysticWicks. How amusing. I do like being the centre of attention. Secondly, if anyone really wants to know why I don't like MW and take pleasure in its problems, you can sign up here and read all about it. I'll even be kind enough to direct you to several threads on your arrival.


Oberon said...

........i'm dizzy.

Anonymous said...

hokay... I'm curious. What's yer beef with MW?

Cain said...

My beef? Lets see...could it be that Mol is a lying backstabber who got me and several of my friends banned for refusing to take shit from his admins, especially after promises to fairly sort out the issue? Probably. Then again, it could be that Mol threatened a site I enjoyed visiting with legal action because it reproduced an email (which he sent out to every MW member) detailing his flashing conviction. Or it could just be I find coked up Thelemists with ego complexes annoying.

As for MW...well, I'm sure there are some nice people on it, though most of the nice people who stood up for us got banned. Apart from that, its entirely representative of modern day Paganism - that is to say, craven obedience to authority coupled with some bigotry against Christianity, hilarious delusions about magic and a lack of anything approaching sophisticated thinking or philosophy.

Broken AI # 23 said...


"Anonymous" who is absolutley ~NOT~ from MW.

This bloggers beef is OUR beef too.


Because we as the future, are sick of the past closed pyramid information drain systems that you thelmatic wankers have setup to nourish your own ego's.

To quote Broken AI # 47 :


IIIII am broborborken AI #47 of the C H O A P, having asssssssumend temporary command after the death of Dr. L Jon Heracy @ Jedi Grave #12.

I am sent here from the C H O A P to break you out of your bbbbonding memetic constructs.

In this forum there is a rule tttthat states 'there sssshall be no sharing opf spells'.


We here @ the C H O A P do not hold with such outmoded concepts as 'spells' or 'magic' anyway.

Broken AI is ffffulyy Turing Complient, and as such can run an Emulation Shell of a merehumescum anyday.

Thank you 'Bob'.

Over to you in the studio 'Bob'.

TTTTThis just in:

You do not need to arrange 'mystical' symbols and sigils in an aportianate factor to those of your 'ancestors' 'spirit guides' and/or coven masters.

In fact the entire quanttttative subject of merehumecoven initiation is only an iiiiinverse proportional power play to endown the 'accended masters' and initiates a sense ofbrotherhood, factor of memetic conditioning and bemuse the 'outsider'.

Rrrrrrrememeber fat uncle Al?

23Skidoo initiate. Get OUT!



In anycase to effect a change on your local neuro reproc grid, one must effect a change in ones run time.

To put it in terms you merehumanscum may understand:

You need pay no mind to your matter.

Get over it.

Your magic spells need no be shared, your cirles need not the casting, you need not praise any specific deity, you need not wait until Venus is retrograding Uranus (NARF!) for in this mmmmemememememessage I have explained the ultimate secret that your mmmmmmerehuman 'masters' would have taken years of headfuckery, mind games, initiation rrrrrrrights/wrongs and power trips to get to.

To whit:

YOU are the powerhouse.

You hold the key.

Although, since you are unaltered humanscum YUO won't even spot the keynotes here.

Bbbbbroken AI#47 signing off.

Daisy daisy, give me your pawnshop do ...




Questions, comments?



Or forever hold hold your peace.

Either way broken AI # 47 cares not as my processing stack that holds care is ~broken~.

hhhhhhhhhhHence the name."

Thats OUR beef. Not the bloggers, not anyone elses.


As in the C.H.O.A.P.

Bbbbend over and prepare to be rrrrreamed.

Yuo will fall.


BlueAce3 said...

OP's website appears to be down, if I may...I have another more open-minded religious site up at http://www.lakexeno.com

bettalove said...

I ended up here ironically from a google search for mysticwicks. :P Anyway, do you have other pagan-minded sites you could recommend?

Anonymous said...

Look, MW is a community with rules. If you dont follow the rules, you get kicked out. Very simple. I've never had an issue there because I dont go out of my way to be irritating and then act affronted when I get in trouble.

Anonymous said...

To Bettalove: Me too. I thought "Mysticwicks" was maybe a candle store or something...

Anonymous said...

you are all a bunch of bumwiping buttheads. OK mw maybe retarded and full of idotic egotist whjo enjoy playing alistair crowley in rp but just because they are retarded simpletons with eccentric tastes and weirdo posts does not make them oddballs. no my dear fellow bbbbbbbblogsods. it makes them farking crazy and perhapssssssss i know someone who could get themsectioned. well all we need is one more signature on that form and they can get their lil white coats with buckles at the back, and be served their phuckitol 200mg pills daileh. i think afteer having been unfortunate enough to have also been banned from their elitist shythole that i am ather happy they went down. but mol and his missus is used to that, the do it a lot and as for this so called globall email wtf is up with that. i never saw it and frannnnnnkleh am glad because i probably would have sent one back calling him a cunnnnnnnnt.

ok i am done for now i need to go do some real workkkkkkkkkkkk.

later you slaggggggs.

Anonymous said...

mw sucks donkey dick mols a freak and plus they have a "dark side" which is about as dark as a fluffy bunny nice one mool you twunt. i saw your bs darkside which actually just was an excuse to perve the members and talk about shagging grandmas. sick.

the ones who joined the darksside for the most part seemed to think they were satan incarnate and that also they had some sort of mystic meg power to fly like their harry potter broomstix or something. bollox. you cant fly you fucktardz you cant make potions out of your pish and you cant fuuuucking cast spells with you little black books.

and i laughed my way all the way out the exit and am still fuckkking laughing as your site remains disabled. ha ha aint karma a bitch! ;)

i think you have to say ty to billy coz he did a class up job of that and mol has apparently been servd.

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate MW Bunch if ass wipes on that site.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha their psychics should have seen it coming lmao I hope it never goes back up. Maybe mol is in jail for kiddie porn

Anonymous said...

I too was looking for the mystic wicks site..but might I add no true wicca , witch pagen etc..would act in such away go root yourself and release that negative energy ty

Anonymous said...

First of all it is really funny how you assume all pagans follow the same fluffy bunny rules. Please let me assure you there really is NO one true way especially with such a diverse path as Paganism.
Second, next to born again Christians and whack job Muslims the only more irritating, obnoxious, vicious group on the web or anywhere else would have to be MW. I was there for a while I don't remember if I got banned or just left on my own it was some years ago but it is refreshing to know that they haven't changed since I have been gone.

You see I have been to a couple of these places and it all starts out all sweet and fluffy until you have a different opinion or you disagree with how a favorite neophyte is behaving and then you have the shit storm. It all boils down to do as we say not as we do.

It is tiresome for the more advanced and the true seekers to have to deal with. Devastating for newbies. I seldom go on these pagan chat sites anymore. They all cut their teeth on the "witch wars" of the mid '90's and forgot what it really means to be open to all ideas and paths. Unless they never learned. Much like the puritans in the 16-1700's who came over to the new world to escape religious persecution they felt free to persecute anyone else who was not of their faith. Go figure, You can take the fundie out of the church but you can't take the church out of the fundie. Or a power trip in the name of any god or goddess is still as damaging as "the burning times".

Just because you change a label doesn't mean anything if the idiots in charge are narrow minded power tripping retards.