Jun 11, 2008

Clinton supporters update

You know how there was those Japanese soldiers who retreated into the rainforest in 1944-5, hiding for years, eating raw birds and hunting American troops, thinking WWII was still going on? Or those people who claim Hitler really won WWII, because he ran away to a giant Antarctic base, is now the Chosen One of the Dero who live inside the hollow earth and will soon emerge at the head of a Flying Saucer Army to establish a worldwide 4th Reich?

This is the current state of Hillary's online supporters, basically.

For example, let us consider the hilarious No Quarter USA blog. Here is a perfect example of the sort of thing outspoken and well known Hillary supporters (this man has advised Clinton on national security and defence policy) have been saying:

The recording that shows Michelle Obama saying disparaging things about white folks is for real. It is not part of some elaborate dirty trick. The people who have seen her comments describe it as “stunning” or “devastating.” I have not spoken directly with the people who have seen the tape, but I have spoken to two of my friends who are friends with those who watched the tape/dvd.


Why does this “tape” of Michelle Obama matter? The folks who have it are working to elect John McCain. They are using it now to raise money for a 527 effort that will attack Barack Obama. I am told that they fully intend to keep this “off-the-market” until after the Democratic Convention. The Republicans involved with this believe that Barack Obama is a more beatable candidate than Hillary Clinton and see the tape as reinforcing an image of racial division that will hurt Obama.

I support Hillary Clinton for President. I believe she will be a stronger candidate. And if I had the tape I would put it out in a heartbeat. Getting the tape out now does one of two things–either it persuades Super Delegates that Barack is not electable or it gives the Obama campaign time to repair the damage.

I now appreciate somewhat how Cofer Black, the head of the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center, must have felt as he tried to warn Condaleeza Rice and the Bush White House about a brewing terrorist attack in the days leading up to September 11th. And please, I am not equating the Michelle tape with the attacks of 9-11. Rather I am focused on the point of what happens when someone has incomplete information, which warns about a future event, and tries to raise the alert. Just because Cofer Black could not say in late July 2001 that the coming attack would be carried out by 19 hijackers on four commercial airliners did not mean his intelligence was wrong.

Those who want to vilify me for having the audacity to raise this warning can have at it. I ran up against similar attacks and skeptics in May of 2003 when I warned that the Bush Administration had cooked the intelligence on Iraq. It is only now that we get a Senate Intelligence Committee Report and a book from Scott McClellan confirming what I said five years ago.


The comments are even more amazing. Obama and his wife are apparently white-hating Bushies in waiting who use thug tactics, like having supporters make fun of the No Quarter people in lieu of serious debate. And he's an elitist, too!

Of course, I realize I'm going to look REALLY stupid if there is a video, but I somehow doubt it really exists. This conspiracy theory is the last thing the Clintonista have to hold onto, a perfect representation of their fantasy that Clinton is more electable. Clinton stepping down has just made her most ardent supporters go totally off the wire, engaging in the most destructive of dirty politics.

And the most amazing thing, the one that really surprises me, is that if you were to compare the treatment of Obama's wife to any other significant other of a politician in recent history, it would be....Hillary Clinton, who was constantly harassed and the target of near-libellous conspiracy theories and stories by the right and significant sectors of the media throughout the 90s. Amazing.

Thanks to Sadly, No! for the link.

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