Jun 4, 2008

Mormon anger at the Discordian Society!

Remember this?

The Great Googlie Mooglie Cabal, as Ordained Representatives of the Erisian Movement has announced plans for the immediate canonization of Gordon B. Hinckley and the inclusion of him in the pantheon of Discordian Saints as St. Magusundies

St. Magusundies, in life, met all the criteria necessary to prove that he was a special emissary from the heart of the Void and a Child of Eris. We need only point to his temple building, his proselytizing and the fact that before he became President of the LDS, he had dedicated 23 temples to verify his sacred position as a key element, tasked with maintaining the Wobble of the Sacred Chao and its Hodge-Podge balancing act.

Turns out some Mormons are pretty upset over this...

Well, not many really, but at least we got this for the future anti-Discordian propaganda campaign:

So, by canonizing President Hinkley, are they saying he added to discord and chaos? What an insult when he was all about bringing people together and creating harmony where ever he went. Or am I the only one that perceives this?

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drjon said...

I loved this exchange:

"They're making fun of our garments! CRUCIFY THEM!"

"They wouldn't make fun of them if they ever got to wear some of the materials we have for garments. And they'd love how cheap and long lasting they are, too. Their loss."

I wonder where I can get some... ;}P>