Jul 15, 2008

Daily Express headlines - in the style of haiku

End of the road for speed cameras?

Fining people for
breaking the law is bad
when it affects me

Convicts hug a tree to go free

This headline is
factually incorrect
but never mind right?

'Sex on beach' Briton sorry

What a slut, I
am now in favour of Dubai's
awful Shariah law

Tories attack 'U-turn' over victims

Cameron to Brown:
Damned if you do and
damned even if you don't.

Top knife crime officer: teenagers must do national service

Violent teens? Put them
in the Army. Its the stock
answer to all ills.

95% of Express readers say 'quit EU'

Stand in awe as we
show you the art of stating
the bleeding obvious

OK, that's enough haiku for today.


Hel said...

lol... more, please!

Cain said...

I think I'm still recovering from the mental anguish of having to read the Express, then say something intelligent. That place just drains IQ points away, and I don't have too many to spare.