Jul 22, 2008


Say what you like about Quentin Letts, you have to give him credit - he's consistently wrong, no matter the issue.

The Letters page of The Guardian, seldom the sanest of arenas, has this week descended to virulent venom.

Unlike the Daily Mail's comment section, where "virulent venom" (surely a redundant phrase) would in fact be an improvement.

there have appeared several letters which gloated at the prospect of Margaret Thatcher's death

Oh no? Really? How terrible. I bet they even gloated about genocide in typically racist terms.

Their vengeful tone, though hurtful about the still very much alive Lady Thatcher, has been instructive. It was a timely reminder that no one does viciousness quite like the Left. Far from the Conservatives being 'the Nasty Party', Labour's preachy brothers and sisters have long deserved that title.

Yes. I absolutely agree. I remember vividly how that Far Leftist Lord Dixton-Smith was hateful towards black people, as indeed is ex-Colonel Patrick Mercer, a notorious Marxist-Liberalfascist. In fact, one can barely move for the number of hateful leftists out there, being all terribly rude and nasty about people*.

The Guardian letters were sparked by reports that Lady Thatcher will be given the rare honour of a state funeral. Even to discuss such arrangements is, let us be honest, a difficult matter.

Indeed. How dare people suggest that Thatcher may die? We all know she will ascend to the Heavens upon a flaming Chariot, in the manner of the Prophet Elijah, once her time among the mortals is up.

Some Guardian readers have taken a markedly less charitable line towards the former Prime Minister.

In contast to Lady Thatcher, who as I recall was rather keen on charity, so long as it didn't involve rich people having to pay for it.

Typical of the response was that of one Chris Gibson, who said that on seeing the headline about a state funeral for Lady Thatcher: 'I thought that the week had got off to the best possible start.' Charming.

Indeed. I often think the best possible start to the week is one where I don't have to look at the pile of shit which reputedly passes for a Quentin Letts article in the Mail. A little perspective is all I'm asking for here.

But the fact such horrible letters were written, let alone published in a national newspaper, tells us something else.

They have Paul Dacre as their editor as well? OMG!

Why is it that socialists, in contrast to their professed humanity and Methodist origins, are so remarkably malevolent? Why is the Left so mean?

"Why is the Left, which I and my employers villify on a basis as being responsible for every social ill in this country, from paedophilia to knife crime to terrorism to littering, so pissed off and nasty towards right-wingers (the all important, yet left out qualification)? I just can't understand it..."

Left-wingers like to talk of ' progressive politics', by which they suppose they mean open-mindedness, but historically they are far more dogmatic than the Right.

Factionalism and drunken intrigue were rampant in the trades unions of old.
On immigration, Left-wingers have been exceptionally illiberal. Commentators and politicians who questioned the pro-immigration consensus were shouted down as racists.

I had to quote that in full, just so you could get a full flavour of the make-believe world Quentin lives in. Apparently, factionalism (and drunkeness, for some bizzare reason) is proof of the Left's dogmatism. Because nothing says "unthinking follower" quite like...uh, spinning off and creating a new group based on minor political or economic interpretation of certain theories.

Furthermore, when people on the immigration debate are making such enlightened comments as:

The British government hates all things British and especially English. Why are we so surprised at this payout and the far smaller ones for servicemen? It is in line with the secret agenda to eliminate any sign of British/English pride.

Then yes, it seems that perhaps, just a few of them, may not be motivated by a deep and abiding concern about depression of wages and stress on local services quite so much as "ZOMG DARKIES!!212!"

The thoroughly decent former Tory leader Michael Howard was cast as something close to a Nazi for daring to suggest that immigration was becoming a problem. His assailants were not shamed by the fact that Mr Howard is of Jewish émigré stock. He'd had the temerity to oppose the Left. He had to be destroyed.

And crushed him we did, like a huge monolithic Red Army. Of course, that Howard was playing dog-whistle politics with the more extreme and xenophobic elements of the right throughout his entire campaign is of no consequence. Context is just leftist tyranny of...something.

Tony Blair's regime was infamously unpleasant to people who tried to stand in its way. Government scientist David Kelly paid for his independence with his life - suicide, we were told, although he was pushed into any such suicide by Labour-ordered briefings

Ah yes, Tony Blair. That chap who is widely admired on the left and considered by some to be the second coming of Marx himself. His deep devotion to the working class, wealth distribution, weakening of social hierarchies and improving social mobility certainly mark him out as possibly more left-wing than Mao himself.

One of the Left's great propaganda achievements over the years has been the idea that it was somehow kinder to support Labour than to be Conservative.

Yes, gosh, I wonder how people ever thought that not supporting the richest and most privileged in society was somehow kinder than doing so? Ooh, my brain hurts, help me figure out this problem Quentin!

It demands communal conformity rather than independent freedom. It seeks to dictate supply rather than allowing the market to find a level. It places the state above the citizen.

And of course, right-wing politicians would never act in authoritarian ways, nor come up with some big, communal idea that everyone must bow down to. You fucking moron.

Some days, I think I may be a prick. Then I realize, if I didn't have to live in a country where idiots like Quentin Letts are paid for shit like the above, and I'm still unemployed, I'd probably have a better outlook on life.

*I'm going to do a follow-up post along this theme soon, as its something I've seen quite a lot in the American blogosphere, and it fascinates me. Also, I haven't forgotten about my promised book review, if anyone was wondering. It's just The Pirate's Dilemma is fairly long, and in depth, and I'm trying to find a job, which is sucking up lots of my time.


Dan said...

from the comments on that article:

"From Pol Pot to Harold Wilson, Stalin to Gordon Brown: They are all the same.

- Fred Sage, Surrey, 22/7/2008 8:32"


Anonymous said...

Patrick Mercer promoted black people in the army and one is his friend so clearly he is not hateful toward all black people. Mercer is notorious or tarnished by the fact he had much association with the notorious FRU said to be involved in collusion and murder and supports their tactics to this day.

We all know that life in the armed forces is tough (much tougher since he voted for war) but is racist abuse an excepted part of it? Yes according to an interview he saw nothing wrong with them being subjected to the worse possible racial insults. But that’s the way it is in the Army he told the Times.