Aug 9, 2008

Armchair Generals - Russian edition

Lets see what the erudite and great strategic minds over at the Daily Mail have to say on the terrible conflict that erupted in the secessionist Georgian regions yesterday:

Well if they have Russian passports then they know where to move to. Georgia has every right to evict them out of their sovereign lands.

- Neil, Frankfurt, Germany, 8/8/2008 11:54

I hope Germany throws you the fuck out, you hideous little cretin.

Nato will defend Georgia - in which case Russia stop meddling unless you want a bloody nose. This whole problem is the Kremlin's making.

- Terence, UK, 8/8/2008 13:42

Yeah, a bigger war will make everything better! Now, we just have to figure out if Russia can overrun Europe before the troops get back from Iraq and Afghanistan...fuck it, Risk was never this difficult.

Why does John think that it is Ossetians desire to be free?!it is Russia who wants to appropriate the land of Georgia.Ossetia and Abkhazia had been georgians too long time ago.And when Russians conquered Ossetia, 80 percent of population were georgians,that is diffference between Kosovo and Ossetia.....Russia has 50 auonomies and if they all bee free like Kosovo there will be no Russia any more.And if we do not know history we do not have right to speak such things!

- maritucka-15, georgia tbilisi, 8/8/2008 14:29

Yeah, Russia started it by making Georgia invade South Ossetia! Those uppity South Ossetians should have abandoned their homes or been killed back in 92, the ingrates.

It wouldn't have something to do with Russia wishing to get control of the nearby Baku Ceyhan Pipeline, the only one which feeds Caspian Oil to the west, which does not pass thru Russian territory, the one that was blown up by "Kurdish Dissidents" a few days ago ???? Perhaps I am being a little cynical. Anyhow let the games begin and forget the fact that one of the wests major energy arteries is about to be cut.

- alan wilson, London UK, 8/8/2008 14:37

Again, the nefarious hand of Russia forced the Georgian invasion. If only they could use their vast influence to control the Georgian government to give them all that oil...

Russia needs to know that it is insignificant in the face of NATO - it no longer has any real power. The EU & US should secure Georgia and access to its vast oil reserves. Then on to MOSCOW!

- W, UK, 8/8/2008 17:31

I mean, seriously, invading Russia as winter draws closer? What could possibly go wrong?

What a situation to develope! And here everyone was concerned about Taiwan/China.
Will Nato come to the rescue?Will the US/UK prosper from equipment sales/service?
Will the US send troops there also? Could this eacalate to Nuclear war? I wonder what Bush is thinking, while 'enjoying' the games! Will the 'Cabal' send in their UFO's?, to fight the Russians? Maybe it will be a fight between USA Cabal UFO Force and Russian UFO Force. How will China respond? These are surely 'interesting' times

- James Cesan, Wardsboro,Vermont,USA, 8/8/2008 17:57

But what if China responds with its own UFOs? And the reptilian conspiracy ally with them? Do we even know where the Bavarian Illuminati stands?

Poignant questions indeed.

Normally I would never be caught dead giving thumbs up to the Russians, but Georgia has no right to blaightantly kill Russian peacekeepers AND civilians and then call for help from It's bigger brothers (the west).

Besides, at the end of the day, Georgia incuring the wrath of Russia is like a rat spittng in the face of the bear.

- Anthony, Erith, England, 8/8/2008 18:37

Thumbs up you Russian dudes! Great job on bombing those Georgian civilians in retaliation.

Good way to try "our" systems against "theirs" without any one important getting hurt. Look forward to the analysis.

War is fun when someone else is playing it.

- Tim Phillips, Tilburg, The Netherlands, 8/8/2008 18:42

REMF. Capische, chickenhawk?

I see that many people are misinformed that Georgians had started this war,Russians said this too.but it is a lie.2 days ago "Ossetians" began the war,our prezident begged them several times to stop it and offered to negotiate, but they refused.and we have our dignity!

- marituca 15, georgia tbilisi, 8/8/2008 19:17

Again, the dastardly hand of the Ossetian/Russian conspiracy, forcing the Georgians to invade and kill them. Is it just me, or does this sound like the sort of excuse a wifebeater would give? "Look what you made me do" and all that.

It was inevitable that this would happen. Russians have always been the same. Unlike China in its political disagreement with Taiwan, Russia always goes for blood. Its the nature of the beast.

- Phil de Buquet, Newport England, 8/8/2008 20:13

Phil understands the Russian mind, from having read Tom Clancy novels.

I never trusted Russia, they still have the same USSR ideals and their presidents have too much power, I hope a ceasefire can be reached soon before Russia tries to claim back all of Georgia which would have the west get involved and restart the cold war

- Connor, Oreogn, USA, 8/8/2008 20:17

So unlike your own dear President, who has limited his power massively and made clear his hatred of war as a part of foreign relations.

Back to the Old Russia, how cynical while the World watches the Olympics they again abuse their power.

Reminds me of NU Labour, "Hide bad news amongst the good".

Seems thay have killed more civilians than the allies did taking the whole of Iraq.

- John, Creigiau, Cardiff, 8/8/2008 20:29

I totally see the New Labour connection. No, really...

With everyone looking at China right now it is a good day to bury bad news.

Russian democracy in action - Putin style.

- peter, Germany, 8/8/2008 20:49

Because the Georgian President would never order crack down on peaceful protests, or spend 70% of his GDP on his military, oh no....

"150 tanks and other armoured vehicles" is not much of an "invasion", especially not by Russian standards. That's about the bare minimum I would need to take control of some fourth world banana republic or to mount a raid into Zimbabwe for 72 hours.
Ask the Czechs and the Hungarians (or even the Afghans!) what a Russian "invasion" looks like....

- Robert, Worcester UK, 8/8/2008 20:51

Gosh yes, when I was playing Civ III the other day and I tried to invade with 150 tanks, I just got slaughtered....

Sorry, how is it that Georgia started this fighting? Are they the ones who amassed an army at the border and invaded Russia? Methinks it was the other way around. Russia planned this long ago as part of a well thought out military strategy. Everyone has the right to defend the country against a rolling parade of tanks and aircraft bombing their land. If you believe that you don't have that right - then it's no wonder your country is being taken over by immigrants, knife-weilding yobs, and religious consorts who say that Sharia law is the way to go. You don't know how to take a stand - at least Georgians in their young democracy do.

- Marilyn, USA, 8/8/2008 21:06

Ah, another American lecturing us. Pray tell, how did Russia invade if their troops had already been in place for 16 years? Is this like...geological style invasion or something? As for your comments on the UK....enjoy the Reconquista, bitch. I hope you like burritos.

The same Russhian tactic: they give Russian passports to some people, and later they are sending the army "to protect them", and " to avoid" further killings, or to "assure peace keeping".

Let face it: this is the Russian method to keep different war conflict zones and to control different areas.

Poor Georgian people, I admire them for their standing. On the other hand if Putin understands to continue under any means the politic of " Peter the Great", then he has to assume all consequences.

And that will drag Russia in bad political relations and bad economic situation. The oil and the gas will be finished in the future.... After that what will they sell more ? What they are trying to steal from different small countries like Georgia ? "Creating" Russians communities in order to have what "to protect" ?

It is a dirty game, and is cinic that they are playing this game with the lifes of the Russians they are saying that are protecting...

It is regretable

- Petre, Bucharest, 8/8/2008 22:04

Yeah, remember how those Russians gave out tons of passports to facilitate the invasion of Germany in WWII? Moron.

It's far to easy to blame the Georgian authorities for this flare up. Yes some of the SO population want to be part of a greater Russia. But a foreign power (Russia) handing out thousands of it's passports to citizens in a foreign country (Georgia) only then to claim that they are threatening military force to protect their 'new' Russian nationals is tantamount to usurping the national government. The anology is simple if pro French Scots, of which there are still a lot, were handed thousands of French passports would that give France the right to invade Scotland to protect it's newly acquired 'nationals'. Of course not the UK Government would object and take action to prevent such an invasion.
The case for an independant Scotland via the ballot box however is another matter.

- pat, South of England, 8/8/2008 22:09

Dont ask why it is different, it just is.

And something more:

I quote:

Medvedev warned: 'I as president of Russia, am obliged to protect the lives and dignity of Russian citizens wherever they are located.

'We won't allow the death of our compatriots go unpunished.'

So where are located the next Russiand to be protected.... You all know the list...

- Petre, Bucharest, 8/8/2008 22:17

Dear god, you mean....Russia might invade Moscow next?

You can't paint every conflict with the same brush, this is nothing like Kosovo. Russia is the aggressor here, Georgia taking back S.O & Abkhazia is no different then we took back the Falklands or Northen Ireland. The problem is Russia dosen't want Georgia becoming an democratic indepant wealthy nation, hence its step in support of the sepratists since Georgia attempt at NATO memebership in April this year.

Russia dosen't give a dam about the 'Russian Citizens' in S.O, its a message to Western leaning nations (Ukraine and other former USSR States) of whats instore if they don't follow suit with the Kremlin and a big middle finger to the US/Nato.

- Jay, UK, 8/8/2008 22:48

Russia is still aggressing by not invading. How dare they???

Once the EU military forces are up snd running, if Britian tries to pull out of the Marxist EU State, the British people will come under fire. We need to leave EU now!

- Catherine Walker, South Kensington, London, UK, 8/8/2008 23:40

One tin-foil hat for Ms Walker, please....

Once the EU takeover is complete, the EU armies will fight the British and Irish, so we all need to pull together and all leave EU now! Do not forget that the English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh are seen as niggling minorities that need to be crushed by EU!

- Patricia O'Rourke, Dublin, Ireland, 8/8/2008 23:49

Make that another, for Ms O'Rourke as well...

Voland of France has hit the nail on the head. International intrigues as ever are behind the scenes . . . . and in our so-called democracies (dumbocracies) all are totally oblivious to the real string pullers. God knows where this will end. All we can be sure of is that the opinionsts of both sides will suffer. And each will blame each other. Man is still a primitive.

- michael, liverpool, 8/8/2008 23:55

Fuckit, make that three....

Who on earth would want to live in Russia it seems they have all got a bit of Stalin in them the way they keep fighting No consideration for human life what ever just keep riding rough shod over anybody what a nation

- Brian Stanier, Stourbridge West Midlands, 9/8/2008 0:24

If only the USSR had an enlightened Georgian ruler, instead of leaders like Stalin...

Where the U.S.A to help the georgian people?

Where the sense of justice from U.S.A?

- Roy Jones, Island, 9/8/2008 3:38

The American military is too busy playing kinky sex games with Iraqi prisoners to help. Sorry.

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