Oct 31, 2006

Fuck it, time to start using this again

I've recently decided to use this blog again. Not just as an online record of my writings and shiz (though that was my original intention). I'll actually start proper blogging or something. Gasp, yes, I will join on the bandwagon, only a few years later than everyone else who could be bothered.

Meh. What is there to say? Tuesdays are boring as hell. Reading a paper for International Security by some twerp named Heymann, called "Dealing With Terrorism: An Overview." I'm not sure why though, since I have an entire other module devoted to the topic. There should be a tick box or something "Already studying international terrorism, don't worry about it".

Still slighly dehydrated from the wine last night, but this little gem found via Stumble cheered me up no end http://reactor-core.org/none-dare.html#chapter1 Conspiracy Theory is wonderful for its own sake, no matter who does it or what they believe. The nuttier the better, so long as they can come up with extremely convoluted reasons for it. The more tenuous, the better.

Oh, and the Really Real Illuminati (for Realness) and Continuity Illumainti factions seem to be emailing Hoopla again. Someone should remind him they aren't the real ones. *Sigh*


Baron von Hoopla said...

I'm planning to play them off against each other. Keep it on the downlow.

Episkopos Cain said...

I'll try, but I think the RRIfR have my phone bugged. I keep hearing "shush, he's just picked it up" on the other end.

Baron von Hoopla said...

I keep getting that too - I thought it was my mother.

It never really occurred to me that I don't live with my parents anymore. I will have to put more thought into this.