Nov 1, 2006

Apparently there is some election or something....

Going on in the USA. Not that I would know or anything, its not like the BBC website has made every other article from the American section about it.

In other news, the Dingo has an apparently vital role in the ecosystem. Who knew eating babies was part of the great cycle of nature?

Well, enough of that news roundup. I'm tired as hell, despite getting a near perfect 7 hours of sleep last night. Its one of those days where the inside of your head feels just a little too raw...its not hard to stay awake or think, just everything is slightly more unpleasant than normal. Whats worse is that I expected an excellent lecture from Dr Horgan on a little known terrorist group called Al-Qaeda. While interesting, it was nothing I didn't know from reading The Next Attack: The Globalization of Jihad which, while being a very interesting and good book, was written over a year ago. I had at least expected some fascinating revelation or novel thought, but it seemed not to be forthcoming, this time round.

Oh, and some police were hanging around the place today, in case any Iranian exiles got the date wrong for blowing up ex-President Khatami and everyone else in the new Arts Building. OK, to be fair, I can kind of see they wouldn't like a man who presided over a strict theocracy which exiled and tortured people. Apparently his speech on interfaith dialogue was good, so I'm told. So maybe he has redeeming features. Like Idi Amin had his sense of humour.

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