Nov 23, 2006

Under the Eye of Sauron....

Home Office to finally regulate CCTV

So now, our Russian-esque police state will have to update all its cameras. Never mind the impact on crime is negligible, or that the police actually have to waste precious time sifting through all the crap which is captured on said cameras, WE MUST HAVE EYES ON EVERYONE!

Is it just me who thinks someone in NuLabour is hiding a very dark, deep secret, whose repression is feeding their paranoia? Or should I just stop trying to be an internet psychoanalyst and do something useful, like taping up camera lenses (not that I would ever do that, its patently illegal, it was just a suggestion)?

Looks like the time to grab the V for Vendetta masks and speak with intensely annoying alliteration may be just one step closer....

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