Nov 23, 2006

What Would Jesus Do?

Christians in America particularly seem to ask this alot. Let us examine the evidence, based on the Bible, of what Jesus would do. Jesus has shown himself prone to talk in riddles, to perform miracles, to act aggressively and bizarrely and to get himself killed. This is generally considered a bad move, especially if your cleric has not memorized resurrection for the day.

As a Discordian, I should probably ask, What Would Eris Do? Lets see if this is any more helpful. Hmmm, history suggests destroying a city (by proxy) for minor slights. Or inciting people to invade India. Again, not helpful, especially as India has nukes nowadays and faith is not immune to being melted.

Maybe I should ask, What Would Emperor Norton do? Ah, I think we hit a winner here. What would the Emperor do? What he always did - be himself and nothing more.

Today's lesson teaches us one thing - crazy men from San Francisco are likely better role models than imaginary superheroes who live in the sky.

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Anonymous said...

You said it, brother!