Dec 3, 2006

According to Mel Gibson, who is responsible for all the wars?

a) Booze
b) Shoes
c) Blue's Clues
d) Muckadoos
e) New Zoo Revues
f) Kalamazoos
g) Tom Cruise
h) Bird flus
i) Chimney flues
j) Primordial ooze
k) Tea for twos
l) CBS Evening News
m) Kangaroos
n) Heads I win, tails you lose
o) Muumuus
p) Stinkypoos
q) Clever ruse
r) Runaround Sues
s) Jews
u) Any of the above, depending on his blood alcohol level at the time

Answers on a back of a postcard to the PFLD headquarters.

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