Dec 3, 2006

For the Conspiracy Theorist in you....

Out There Radio broadcasts.

Basically two guys, Joe McFall and Raymond Wiley, doing an hour long talkshow on conspiracy theory, the occult and the paranormal. Also, its actually pretty damn good. These guys range the spectrum, from well known theories such as the MLK assassination, South American coups, MK-Ultra etc to some stuff I hadn't even heard of, such as the death of William Cooper, the creation of strange stone tablets in Georgia proclaiming the manifesto of the New World Order and much more.

They seem pretty openminded (apart from a far too understandable dislike of Reagan), not your average bunker dwelling Christian "patriots" or anything like that (which I also listen to. But only because they are funny). They've had authors, shamans, Satanists, Freemasons, Pagans and researchers on the show, so they take a pretty broad and lighthearted view of some of the ideas and things going on out there.

Highlights I would suggest listening to include:

An Adam Gorightly interview on Kerry Thornley

An Interview with Rev Ivan Stang of the CotSG

Austin Gandy on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

The 2006 post election analysis

My favourite mad scientist - Wilhelm Reich

But I strongly suggest checking out the entire archive of shows that they have.

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