Apr 16, 2007

Mother Hive Brain Syndicate

With the pdf format version of Fallen Nation now being available at Grey Lodge Occult Review, I've decided to dig out some of the stuff from the previous book, Join My Cult!, for your reading pleasure.

I may or may not be too busy for a proper entry, too...either way, this is Agent 572, signing off.


Grand Lodge

Document LVX

"If you’re falling…jump!”

These are the basic precepts of this anti-Mother Hive Brain syndicate. Any resemblance, correlation, or synchronicity between this agency and the “Mother Hive Brain” or the subversive agent known as “Robert Anton Wilson” is purely coincidental. We operate within the proper penal and moral codes of EVERY society and frown very much upon all bad things. (If you’re a Federal Agent looking into us because of that whole ‘bomb incident’ in ’96 all we can is that we were far too busy organizing all of our meth labs to possibly be involved.)


The MHBS is a brotherhood of emancipation and fraternal love, without any of the Secret Society horseshit. (Except when it's fun, or works to all our benefit.)

We acquire information and supply it to those who want to know. We do not confirm or deny the truth of any of the information which we provide. However, we do hereby state that all of our Missions, if followed to completion, will indeed lead to “increased evolution” and the “potential of heightened consciousness frequency” as defined by Agent 777 in a hash-induced stupor.

Agents are responsible for missions as well as recruits, but have access to all information related to those missions upon request.


Technically, an "agent" is a metaphysical cause. If you trace back the cause of any action, and what caused that, and so on, you realize that either everything is interconnected without a first cause, or there is a first cause which exists in a different "class" of causes. This idea is of course as absurd as the 20th century stop-gap solution in Physics known as the ether. The stance of the Agency is that reality is in fact holographic, and morphogenic-- that is, everything is interconnected, there are first causes, and "Agents" are distinguished simply by the fact that they are aware of this, they are "digits of an invisible hand."


1. Agents will seek to awaken others in all manners, be they covert or otherwise, using methods such as pranking (reality tunnel manipulation), consensual drug induced psychonaut travel, reality art or other more "traditional" forms of artwork, tantra, etc. We define being "awake" as being herenow, and aware of active cultural biases. Static beliefs are poison. Mumbo jumbo aside, the goal seems simple: think for yourself. The deeper in you get, the more difficult this ‘simple’ thing becomes.

2. Agents will perform activities on a regular basis that will aid in their own self development: yoga, tai chi, martial arts, art forms, or other ritual practices may be chosen as their primary method, though of course experimentation can only lead to new and necessary experiences for advancement.

3. Agents will keep a record of their work although it may be presented as fiction or be the focus of their art form, (i.e. musical compositions, etc.)

4. Agents that do not supply recruits in a reasonable amount of time and refuse to follow through on any assignments will be terminated in whatever way we deem necessary.

5. Be a doctor of teeth. As it is written— “My teeth, although not purely scientific, (being primarily apocalyptic), are functional as canines, molars, and small lunar excursion modules. I investigate foreign territories with my teeth, and make them just like me.”

Information that the Agency considers ‘Confidential’ must not be conveyed in any form without the consent of the Agency.

Increase chaos in all systems in your vicinity.


1. There is NO Agency. Thus, the Agency has no legal liability in relation to the actions of Agents, because, we repeat, there is no Agency.

2. The Agency is required to fulfill requests for information from all active Agents. If an Agent desires, for instance, a contact that is learned in Celtic Rune Magic or how to clean an M-16, the Agency will find said contact within a reasonable amount of time. This may be done through whatever methods the Agency deems appropriate, which may include telepathic or synchronistic communications. You must make yourself a fit vessel for these communications, or you may miss or misinterpret them.

3. Agents may feel free to resign at any time, except during a sensitive mission, in which case they may resign at the completion of the mission.


If you are on the wavelength, you're already a memebearer. If not, you never will be. So pick up that pen, or guitar, or shovel, and get working, Agent.

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