Apr 17, 2007


In my somewhat controversial post about Paganism recently, I named a couple of sites I felt to be Discordian friendly. However, it is to my great regret I must issue a retraction concerning the openness of Questing Spirits. After several days of being treated as a second class citizen and having every idiot with a grudge allowed to make up virtually anything to blacken the reputation of all Discordians, I must say it is no better than many other places on the internet. Worse, in some respects, given the nature of some of the accusations made against people I know.

Either way, I totally withdraw my statement concerning the friendliness of that site. Steer well clear if you are looking for a friendly forum.

Shit, this is my second whiney post in a week, about what are really personal issues. Fuck, I must be turning Emo or something. Be assured, I'll be back to usual posting standards again after this.



I suspected as much.

Episkopos Cain said...

Such is life, it seems. I'll make up for it in download goodies and other media I have stashed away, so its all good.

indigojester said...

Turning Emo? Where's the make-up? Take the damn hat off! Let us see... Ah, the pleasures of boys in make up. Gotcha! Dandyism? Ha!
Will read your words on Paganism, you got me curious.