Jun 5, 2007

Looks like I may have a decent working connection

Stay tuned for more info. Like any good scientist (I was actually a crap scientist, I hated all the maths involved), I am going to test this more, before jumping for joy. But sitting by my windowsill in the evening, typing as I look over the disgustingly suburban sprawl that is my home, is in fact quite relaxing. I should do it more often.


Mark R. said...

free internet FTMFW

High Heels said...

I miss the free connection I used to use. it was kind of quietly thrilling.
Hope this one lasts for you, so I can have more posts to read. selfish, yes, I know..

Episkopos Cain said...

Looking good, so far. I have to have my window open, though, so surfing while it rans or at night is a real bitch.

High Heels said...